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What to Do When COVID-19 Ends? Celebrate with a Trip to Busan!

What to Do When COVID-19 Ends? Celebrate with a Trip to Busan!

Our minds have already gone on vacation, but our bodies are still stuck at home. The only thing we can do to motivate ourselves right now is to pick a travel destination that we’d like to visit once COVID-19 is all over. An incentive trip would be like a gift from heaven for office workers who continue to juggle massive amounts of work every day. Busan is the perfect incentive vacation destination to cheer up workers who have become weary from COVID-19. For employers who want to reward and motivate their employees, for travel agencies that want to attract customers on a large-scale basis, and for people like you and me who just want to go on a trip, we would like to introduce Busan, a special incentive tourism city, as the perfect travel destination for everybody.

Busan, a Mecca for Corporate Events
Every year, more and more organizations come to Busan for their corporate events. According to the Busan Tourism Organization, the number of foreign groups visiting Busan for corporate meetings and incentive vacations has increased from 2,100 in 2017 to 6,000 in 2018 and 8,400 in 2019. One of the most representative and remarkable events recently held in Busan was the large conference held by Nu Skin, which took place in September 2019 and was attended by 2,286 of the company’s staff members.
The event took place at the Busan Cinema Center, which is a key unique venue in Busan and also the venue of the opening and closing ceremonies of the Busan International Film Festival. The conference included special events, such as a red carpet opening and a “film awards show” which highlighted Busan’s reputation as the “city of movies.” The event has been credited with contributing to the revitalizing of the local economy, along with the installation of sand-art photo zones on Haeundae Beach, Busan’s premier tourist destination, and the operation of Haeundae Traditional Market missions using Onnuri gift certificates which can be used as cash in traditional markets and shopping districts.

○Urban and Natural Environment
Busan is a city that lives in harmony with the area’s seas, mountains, and rivers, and gives off a different vibe depending on the season. When spring comes, cherry blossoms and canola flowers cover the entire city; in summer, visitors can enjoy frolicking on any of the area’s many beaches; in autumn, the spirit of the city’s large festivals permeates the region’s colorful reeds, silver grass, and maple leaves; and in winter, the entire city sparkles from end-to-end with Christmas trees and other decorations. These different scenes and sides of Busan are what attract groups of visitors from countries that have a consistent climate all year round.

○Unique Venues
There are a total of 32 unique venues in Busan. These venues can be categorized by the themes of: waterfront-scenery facility (15), exotic space (6), event-cultural facility (4) and, exhibition facility (7). Each of these venues has been carefully selected to enable people to feel the uniqueness of Busan. These venues are not only equipped with meeting facilities but also boast leisure facilities where you can experience the many offerings of the marine city, Busan. Some of Busan’s event facilities are perfect for large-scale, team-building events, while others are exotic spaces made by renovating abandoned factories. No matter their features, all of the venues in Busan have their own unique ambience. Host your own incentive trip event at one of the unique venues of Busan, and experience the natural and cultural beauties of Busan for yourself.
Busan Unique Venue Guidebook:

○Team-Building Programs
Busan also boasts various team-building programs for participants of corporate meetings and incentive trips. Different programs are available based on the number of participants: small groups (1–30 people), medium groups (31–100 people), and large groups (101–500 people). Busan’s team-building programs, which lead participants on a tour around some of Busan’s most famous attractions as they work to accomplish their mission, have received positive reviews from participants. Try one of Busan’s team-building programs for a unique spin on cooperative work and to put a smile on your employees’ faces.
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○Tourism Infrastructure
Busan is a city with a pleasant traveling environment that extends to incentive trips as well. Busan has numerous features that capture the hearts of travelers—hotels near the shore with excellent views and services, an airport and public transportation system that enables quick traveling, and experience-based tourism facilities that make full use of the area’s natural environment. In addition, through the International Conference Complex Zone Revitalization Project, now being operated in Haeundae, bleisure (business + leisure), MICE information center, and shuttle bus services are being promoted to give incentive travelers an even friendlier vacation environment.

Give the gift of Busan to your employees as a much-need break when COVID-19 finally ends! A trip to Busan is the best reward you could give to your employees for sticking by you in difficult times.