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What Makes a Successful DMO?

What Makes a Successful DMO?

Successful Destination Marketing Organizations
Tourism businesses can succeed with the help of a strong destination marketing organization. At the core, a shared community vision about the values in a community are at the heart of any shared marketing project.

By bringing together traditional and non-traditional partners in tourism and getting the word out with a variety of online media the entire community benefits.

Stratford Ontario ( is a DMO that offers great marketing opportunities to its membership. Telling compelling stories about your community is the role of your DMO or DMMO (Destination Marketing and Management Organization) and Stratford Tourism Alliance does it well by focusing on community character, culture and cuisine. I chatted with Cathy Rehberg, Marketing Coordinator for Stratford Tourism Alliance at the recent Ontario Tourism Summit.

Before you ask DMO members for money . . .
Does your community have a shared vision of what your community offers the traveler?  Before you ask you members for money, ask them to contribute to the vision of what makes a visit to your region special.  Invite members to a community forum so that your DMO can find success by tapping into the pulse and lifeblood of your community.

What makes your community unique?