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Visiting Tanzania? Check Out These Breathtaking Cities Before You Go

Visiting Tanzania? Check Out These Breathtaking Cities Before You Go

Tanzania has built a reputation as being a prominent safari location in Eastern Africa. However, it is absolutely worth noting that there are many cities and towns throughout the country that deserve just as much appreciation. Deeply-wound cultural roots and modern-day influence create an eclectic and incredibly interesting atmosphere in the cities of Tanzania, an Eastern African country. Over time, different cultures have left their imprints upon the country, and much of it still stands in testament to its history today.

Dar es Salaam
Often referred to simply as “Dar,” Dar es Salaam is often the entry point of visitors getting off of their international flights from elsewhere. You can take flights from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar or to Arusha or to many other places in the country. Many who arrive in or travel across Tanzania will entertain some time in the country’s former capital city. The financial hub of all Tanzania, Dar is also the country’s epicenter of fashion, media, entertainment and much more. Museums, botanical gardens and stunning beaches are sure to take your breath away. Take some time to appreciate your surroundings as you arrive to or depart from Tanzania.

The Northern Safari Circuit is one of the most popular safari operations in the world, with Arusha serving as its gateway. Arusha lies at the base of Africa’s fifth-highest peak (Mount Meru), which grants the area lush foliage that is especially pleasing to the eye. Bolder guests of Arusha may climb Mount Meru, a bold endeavor indeed. Others might take great pleasure in the local cafes, eateries and markets unlike anything you’ll see outside of Tanzania before they head to other locations in Tanzania.

Mwanza is on the shores of the great Lake Victoria and is an entryway into many of the area’s popular attractions. From Mwanza it is easy to reach several national parks and cultural points of interest, including:
• Saanane National Park which is an island on Lake Victoria
• The Ndabaka Gate that leads to the Serengeti National Park
• Rubondo National Island Park, accessible via boat or plane. You can travel by road till Nkome or Kasenda village and the park boat will pick you up from there.
The Sukuma Museum

Many people stop here on their way to their other Eastern African adventures, and it’s not hard to see why.

Zanzibar City
About 36km away from Tanzania’s mainland lies the island of Zanzibar, one of the most popular – if not the most popular – tourist destinations in the country. This cosmopolitan city is packed with winding roads, beautiful scenery, colorful markets and architecture that will make anybody swoon with amazement. The beaches are known world-wide for being a slice of unparalleled beauty and the multitude of resorts makes for the perfect vacation destination where any discerning luxury tourist is concerned.

Tanzania is a beautiful and diverse country, one that is home to safaris, incredible food, societies deeply entrenched in fascinating cultures, and experiences the likes of which you will never see elsewhere. It’s no surprise that of all the African nations that one can visit, Tanzania is on the top of the continent’s must-see list. No matter your flavor, there is something for everyone within the borders of this deeply fascinating country.