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Visite Thai wins Thailand’s Leading Destination Management Company 2022 at World Travel Award

Visite Thai wins Thailand’s Leading Destination Management Company 2022 at World Travel Award

It was another successful night at this year’s World Travel Awards Asian ceremony, held in Vietnam, for Visite Thai Co Ltd, who once again won Thailand’s leading destination management company award.
Thailand aims to generate 400 billion baht (US$11 billion) in tourism revenue in the second half of the year, the government said recently, as the tropical holiday destination welcomes back more visitors after pandemic-induced border controls.

The Southeast Asian nation has seen a rebound in tourism numbers in the first eight months of 2022, registering more than 4 million tourists, and is aiming for 10 million tourists this year.
Visite Thai DMC are certainly benefiting from this as their company leads the way in helping groups and visitors to Thailand get the very best from the diverse regions of this amazing destination.

BTN caught up with them at the awards and asked them a series of questions:

BTN: Tell us about your company and the kind of services you offer.
VT: Hotel accommodation, Tours both SIC & PVT (as per our agent guest requirement) Transportation PVT only (we don’t want to compromise on service or make any guest wait)

BTN Which areas of your sector do you see the most potential for growth and why?
VT: The whole of Thailand because it’s too vast to explore at any one time visit. Each time you visit Thailand, there is something new to explore, we aim to offer our clients the opportunity to see as much of this beautiful country as they can and welcome them back again and again

BTN: What does it mean to you to have won the World Travel Award for ‘Thailand’s Leading Destination Management Company 2022’?
VT: Being nominated and winning this prestigious award is a blessing first thing. Secondly it gives us the strength to work harder to ensure we remain the best and to stay on on top.

BTN: What’s the current situation with Thailand’s inbound tourism market with the re-opening of international borders?
VT: We did not expect the market to be so good, inbound tourism is booming and we are so happy that we as a people are coming out of the pandemic and the fear of the coronavirus diminishes. People trusting each other and traveling without fear is just amazing.

BTN: Which Packages are proving most popular for you?
VT: All of our packages are proving to be popular, there is no one specific package that stands out, general tourism across Thailand is flourishing since the end of the pandemic.

BTN:  Are you’re clients looking for more tourism packages aimed specifically at eco tourism and sustainability.
VT: Yes ecotourism is growing year on year and we as a company are providing packages centered around this for this with an interest in this area of tourism.

BTN: How do your staff and clients perceive the value of this award and others you receive.
VT: This award is clearly the result of our hard work and it’s our privilege to receive such a respectful award. It will be cherished by our staff and it will also give our company the right recognition for all our efforts.

Visite World DMC, is one of the top notch leading professional destination management companies (DMC) which specialises in tailor made packages for leisure groups and the mice market for Thailand.

Visite World DMC established it’s maiden office in Thailand in the year of 2010 under the name of VISITE THAI CO LTD and subsequently expanded it’s operation office to Thailand to extensively promote all these destinations in the Indian as well as other markets.