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Viking cave: a must-see in Thailand

Viking cave: a must-see in Thailand

Thailand’s natural landscapes are known across the globe. One of the most infamous places that are sure to be top of the list in Thailand, is Koh Phi Phi. After all, it was on this island oasis that movies were filmed; the perfect set with blue, transparent waters dancing in the background hitting rocky mountainous ranges.

Koh Phi Phi is known for its Stunning Views
Within the mountains, on the northeastern tip of Koh Phi Phi, there is a site that is known as Viking Cave. The cave has been dated back to around 1500 to the early start of the 1900s. What’s spectacular about this cave is that it’s adorned with monochromatic depictions of watercraft used by respective cultures.

Viking Cave Houses Ancient Depictions of Watercraft
When sites have aged such as the Viking Cave, it’s no surprise that travelers hear myths that go along with it. This cave is known to house spirits inside of its crystalline walls. In addition to spirits lurking, it’s theorized that the individuals that painted the art were pirates, sea gypsies, or those who took shelter inside of the cave, looking for shelter and reprieve from storms.

Myths Surround the Origin of Viking Cave
With the mention of sea gypsies and pirates, I’m sure you’re ready to visit. Before you go, there are a few things to be aware of and expect. First, know that you cannot enter the cave directly. There are various boat tours that will take you near the cave and the drawings- they’ll even stop for pictures. But the cave itself has been closed to the public in recent years.

Plan to Travel via Water to Koh Phi Phi
Also, Koh Phi Phi is only accessible by steamboat or ferry. You’ll need to take one of these from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi. The ferry ride is about two hours, so if you get bored with the scenery (how could you!) or need entertainment, bring something along for the ride.

You’ll also need to pack a few other things to ensure success during your trip. Wear your swimsuit on your body and either a dress or a comfy t-shirt and shorts over top. Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, and a waterproof bag for money and electronics. You’ll definitely want to snap some photos so bring a waterproof camera, too! Apply make-up knowing that it might all come off from either sweat or water!

Know What to Expect
Being prepared is key to a good time, make sure to do your research. Here are some other tips, too. There are ATMs in the village in case you forgot to cash. In the event of an emergency, there is a small hospital and tourist police, that typically have someone who is fluent in English. And if you meet someone, bring your hands to a prayer position, called “wai”. They will shake your hand in the typical Western-style, but this is how Thais say to greet each other!

Researching culture and tips are so useful when traveling to another country. You’re a bit more ready, now, to jump on that ferry and head from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi! Enjoy the island paradise and take in the view of the sea gypsies at Viking Cave.