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How to Get a Student Discount on Your Next Flight in 2020

How to Get a Student Discount on Your Next Flight in 2020

Traveling is exciting and fun. Each year, millions of people pack their bags and trot around the globe for this very reason. Some of these travelers are students in their late teenage years and early twenties. However, many students do not get the opportunity to travel and see the world despite being on their bucket lists.

The hefty price tag that comes with traveling is unaffordable for most students, which is why many get left behind. The high cost is primarily due to flight tickets, which are known to be notoriously expensive.
Luckily, there are now many excellent student flight discounts available! These student travel discounts can help young people see the world, just like they’ve always dreamt of.

If you’re looking for cheap flights for students, you’re in the right place. Read on to find the best tips and tricks on how to secure affordable student flights with a huge discount!

1.  Book Your Tickets Through a Student Agency
Student agencies offer discounts on food, textbooks, and outings. But only a few people know that there are student discounts available for travel, too! So, find a reliable student agency and check to see if they have discounts for that upcoming flight you don’t want to miss!

2.  Search for Early Deals
Booking your ticket in advance certainly has its benefits. Airfare costs tend to rise up as the flight date draws closer, and student discounts may vanish with time. So, if you want to land a decent discount, try and book your seat well in advance. Ideally, you should try to secure your ticket a few months earlier, or a few weeks at the very least. Remember, the nearer the flight date, the higher the price!

There are also many promo codes and sales that take place a few weeks before the tickets begin to sell out fast. If you have access to such codes or want to grab the benefits of a sale, start looking for flight tickets ASAP!

3.  Book a Two Way Trip
Generally, when you opt for a two-way flight package, you may find your overall flight cost to be cheaper. When paired with a student discount, this can help you lower your expenditure significantly.

4.  Catch a Red-Eye Flight
Red-eye flights are those flights that leave the airport during the “red-eye time zone.” Red-eye timings are considered less preferable for travel by most people, which ultimately lowers their price. Most such flights leave the airport early in the morning when most people are asleep.

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More Tips for Affordable Student Travel
Students can avail of student discounts when traveling to help them slash their airfare. In addition to this, students can use a few other tricks to make sure they get the best price possible.

If you’re aiming to travel on a budget, try scheduling your trip during an offseason. Off-season flights fly when there is a below-average demand for flight tickets. In most parts of the world, summer and winter are peak seasons, and flight tickets are always in-demand during these periods due to a large number of travelers. However, people tend to travel less often during fall and spring, which is why tickets during these seasons are often less expensive.

It is important to remember, though, that off and peak seasons vary from country to country. For example, winter is an off-season for most parts of Europe due to the large snowfall in the region. However, summertime is peak season, and, as a result, flight tickets tend to be more expensive during this time.

As you can see, there are many excellent ways through which students can avail discounts and reduce their airfare. You can use these tips to help make your next travel plan more affordable and ultimately more enjoyable!