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Vacation in Israel: New Experiences in the Old Land

Vacation in Israel: New Experiences in the Old Land

If you happen to be vacationing in Israel, you should grab the opportunities of to explore the place and visit as many attractions as possible. Tourists can easily fly to Israel by taking the Tel Aviv flights from your country. Israel has a lot of historic and pilgrimage sites as well as beaches markets and other interesting places. Visiting these attractions places allows you to have an unforgettable experience of your vacation in Israel.

You can visit the dead sea that is well known for the mineral rich mud on its. You can smother the mud all over your body as this mud is known to produce a lot of health benefits for the body. You can also go for a dip in the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is different from normal seas because you will find that your body can easily float above the sea without sinking.

Nearby to the Dead Sea is the Masada mountain fortress, that is well known for the tale of several Jewish heroes who commit suicide because they don’t want to surrender to the Roman soldiers. To reach to the top of the Masada mountain fortress, you can hike the Snake Path. If you are an active person who enjoy hiking activities, you will surely enjoy climbing up the Snake Path. Alternatively, you can ride in the cable car.

If you are in the mood for shopping, you can visit Carmel market that starts at the end of the Allenby Street in Tel Aviv. Carmel market has stalls that sell various kinds of food such as boutique cheese, fruits, vegetables, cured meat, French pastries, spices, and clothes. You can find several restaurants that serve Jachun food, which is a type of traditional dish for Yemen people. The coffee shops at Carmel Market serve coffee drinks that are brewed from roasted coffee beans.

You should pay a visit to The old City of Jerusalem if you came to Israel with the intention of visiting the religious sites at Israel. Examples of the major religious sites that you can find at the Old City of Jerusalem are Western Wall and Dome of the Rock. You will also find a huge market with lots of stalls lining up on the street outside of the Old City. Many churches, and holy places of the Jewish people can be found in this place. You can walk along the Via Dolorasa, the road that Jesus Christ took when he was being led to the place of crucifixion.

If you enjoy going to the beach, the Tel Aviv beaches is a must visit during your vacation. The beaches are located just footsteps away from the city. There are lots of family type beaches and these beaches can be reached easily by taxi. Many of the beaches in Tel Aviv would be filled with crowd of young people during the summer months. The beach is a great place for you to watch the sunsets with your family members. Some of the popular beaches in Tel Aviv are Metztzim, Religious Beach, Tel Baruch Beach, and Tzuk Beach.