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Trump’s Travel Ban is Surprisingly Popular with UK Travellers

Trump’s Travel Ban is Surprisingly Popular with UK Travellers

A survey reveals that President Trump’s executive order on immigration won’t deter a majority of UK travellers from American holidays and that many respondents agree with the ban.

United Kingdom – 2 February 2017 – A recent member survey from Simply Holiday Deals reveals that a total of 55% of all respondents either agree with, or are undecided about, President Trump’s controversial executive order on immigration. The full survey and results can be found at .

On the back of public condemnation from high-profile CEO’s, including TripAdvisor’s Steve Kaufer, almost half of the respondents shockingly stated they would like to see a similar ban in the UK.

However, the majority of respondents don’t believe the ban will make America a safer place to travel to, nor will they deter travel to the country because of it.

“The results of the survey were very revealing to us at Simply Holiday Deals. We anticipated overwhelming dissatisfaction and disagreement with this controversial law by the new US Whitehouse, instead we found the opposite. It appears many Brits are feeling the same as Americans these days and want change and are willing to try bold new actions in order to do so.

At Simply Holiday Deals we want Great Britain to be a safe place for its citizens. That being said we are compassionate for the current global refugee crisis. We hope all human kind reaches out to help these individuals as they are people just like me and you.” states Brian Jones, Managing Director, Simply Holiday Deals.

The survey was distributed via email and social media between 31 Jan and 1 Feb. 420 participants contributed to the surprising results. Though evenly split between male and female respondents, over 60% were over the age of 56.

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