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Top Attractions in Amsterdam

Top Attractions in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a gorgeous city that you must take time to see. It is also easy to get to with an airport that is one of Europe’s biggest hubs. This canal city is well known for many things, including the Red Light District and coffee houses. In addition to its more infamous underbelly, Amsterdam has many gorgeous views and cultural attractions. When you take a trip to Amsterdam, you want to be sure to hit the following sites.

Anne Frank House
One museum you cannot miss is Anne Frank’s house. The famous diarist lived in Amsterdam. The house where she hid while she wrote of her time in hiding before being found and sent to a Nazi concentration camp has been turned into a museum. It is amazing to see the actual small attic area where three families hid from the Nazis, along with the bookcase that kept it secret. The Anne Frank House provides a touching visit that educates and opens ones eyes to the travesties that occurred during World War II to the Jews.

Canal Tour
Depending on where your accommodation in Amsterdam is, you may become very familiar with the canal system in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a city of canals, although not as famous for it as Venice. You can easily find a way to take a tour around the canals to see the sites of Amsterdam, the beautiful Dutch architecture, and the gorgeous city itself. In fact, the canals in Amsterdam, made as a means of defense and transport in 17th Century, were declared a UNESCO monument in 2010. A canal tour will also provide you with an overall view of the layout of the city, making it easier to get around later.

Art Museums
There are many famous Dutch masters so art aficionados have their choice of museums. You can visit the Rembrandt House Museum to see how the artist lived, along with some of his work. The Rijkmuseum has thousands of invaluable artwork, including Rembrandt’s De Nachtwatch. For those who love the impressionists and modern art, Van Gogh Museum is a must see. Although there have been many Dutch masters, Van Gogh’s beautiful artwork and tragic story made him a legend. The Stedelijk Museum also offers beautiful modern artwork.

Tulip Farm
Holland is well known for its tulips, and you should take the time to visit a tulip farm. Although they are outside of Amsterdam, you can typically find tours that will take you there. All you need is a few hours. In fact, the airport offers tulip farm tours for those with a long layover. Regardless of how you feel about tulips, walking around a tulip farm is a wonderful experience that everyone should have. The rows and rows of vibrant, colorful flowers will brighten your mood, and make you appreciate this fragile and beautiful flower all the more. The Keukenhof is the world-famous flower park less than an hour way. If it isn’t tulip season, then visit the Amsterdam Tulip Museum or the Bloemenmarkt.