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Cycle or drive, how to get to work?

Cycle or drive, how to get to work?

Although many people still drive to work, there has been a steady increase in people deciding to get on their bike and cycle the journey; a 17 per cent increase to be exact. This can be seen for a whole host of reasons, such as improved cycle lanes, more road awareness and lots more – if you want to fully see the popularity cycling is gaining, why not check out and take a look at their statistics.

Even though your car might seem to be the faster option, cycling has various extra benefits that can be seen as outweighing the pros of car travel. If you have a 30 minute plus travel to work each day (via bike that is), you will burn up to 4 Kit Kats worth of calories. This alone will probably have many people seriously considering finding out their bikes and avoiding the car when off to work, but there is still many more benefits to come. Most notable being the fact that cycling could actually be faster than car travel.

As odd as it may sound, if you think about it, the UK is a hugely congested country with roughly 43 per cent of commuters getting stuck in traffic to and from work. Therefore, skipping out on the car and cycling could mean you get to work much faster than if you relied upon your car. If that isn’t enough to grab your interest, how about the fact that you could end up having a longer lie-in; if you don’t believe it, take a look at the creative from Express Solicitors for yourself -

All of this and more will help change the way you travel to work, however, it’s important to always be safe and follow all the necessary road safety advice and rules to ensure nothing untoward happens. Even though you might believe that the car is a lot simpler, there is no denying that cycling can be quicker, cleaner and more cost effective.