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Top 5 beauty brands used in SPA

Top 5 beauty brands used in SPA

SPA resorts and premium salons are so popular all over the world for a reason. This physiotherapy method allows a person to relax during a massage or water treatment. It also allows him or her to become more attractive. Many treatment sessions use excellent cosmetics based on the best ingredients.

Natural oils, vitamins, ceramides, amino acids, and other beneficial ingredients are added to unique SPA cosmetics. Would you like to achieve the same result at home? Here are five excellent cosmetic brands that make gel, oil, elixir and shampoo for different hair types.

Ligne St Barth
The mission of this company is to make body and hair care goods for pleasure and beauty. The constituents for the wares are selected in Caribica, so the formulations are always full of exotic fruits, fragrances and oils. The line-up of beauty items includes options for relaxation, refreshment, glow, harmony and many others.

Depending on your mood, you can choose a specific set of fragrances and components to achieve perfect effects on your hair and skin. Nothing is better than immersing oneself in a world of dreams with high-quality cosmetics, at the same time improving the appearance of one’s body.

The company makes the most affordable goods that treat your scalp and hairstyle with the ultimate in skincare. However, despite the average price, Estel wares are actively used by professionals in various countries. The products help repair damaged follicles and cells, shine to the haircut, and protect it from environmental damage and aggressive forces.

Thanks to their well-thought-out formula and good ingredients, the goods treat a range of problems in a pinpoint manner. Moreover, the items from this brand have a very pleasant fragrance, which relaxes you during the treatment and does not cause discomfort even for people with a delicate sense of smell.

Hair Rituel By Sisley
If your hairdo needs a bit more of a high-end luxury product, check out Hair Rituel by Sisley. The French brand’s skincare ingredients have also been incorporated into its formula. The specialists of the manufacturing company have selected the best formulations for people with different types of epidermis and hair structure. This line takes care not only of your beauty, but also of your health.

This American manufacturer has become a hit with professionals thanks to its unique system that protects, restores, and strengthens the hair. The Olaplex system quickly eliminates the aftereffects of chemical and mechanical damage to the structure.

The complex can achieve an ideal result due to the content of a particular molecule called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate. Its function is to restore the disulphide bonds between keratin molecules. The treatment leaves your haircut shiny and with no split ends or sticking out flakes. This makes your hairstyle look healthy and well-groomed.

As well as shampoos, the Korean brand creates other great products to keep your hair looking healthy and beautiful. The product range includes nighttime hair care serum, and anti split ends serum, sulphate free shampoos and more. The luxury brand is renowned for its first-class formulas and innovative developments, enabling it to achieve perfect results even at home.

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