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The use of loyalty data during different flight stages

One of the most important benefits of frequent flyer programmes, to both airlines and customers, is the vast amounts of data it produces as it allows an airline to get to know its customers as individuals. Airlines already use this data in many areas of their business to optimise the customer journey experience from beginning to end, however, they focus primarily on the pre-flight stage. During this time they can propose tailored offers and service options to the customer during their flight search and booking, then provide special treatment to elite customers during check-in and boarding. The one area where these insights should be used more is in-flight. Passengers could redeem their miles during the flight with ancillary services which are offered on board e.g. free internet access, meals and drinks or even a last-minute cabin class upgrade. To offer passengers these options, the aircrew needs to be equipped with a tool which is integrated with the loyalty system, and be able to use its features.

Crew App
To meet these requirements, Comarch developed the Crew App. It is part of the Comarch Airline Suite and is integrated with the Comarch Loyalty Management platform. The application provides loyalty based features including a passenger seat map which generates information such as passenger name, language, elite status, meal preferences, child/adult, disabilities, etc. to the aircrew. This combination of passenger flight data and their loyalty profile can make the journey more enjoyable, by prompting special treatment, redemption offers or even just by giving the option to order items directly from the on-board entertainment system. When a passenger decides to purchase duty free products or spend money through on-board services, the system automatically enables immediate gratitude to the customer with points or other benefits. If the passenger is not yet a loyalty programme member, the application’s quick enrolment functionality offers a very simple way to join the programme by using the passenger’s data from the flight booking.

Aircrew management
The application also simplifies and speeds up processes for the aircrew; it eliminates the need of paper flight documentation and manuals, which in turn also decreases the aircraft takeoff weight. Other useful application features for the crew include details on the number of passengers, and information on individual passengers to ensure the best service. It also helps them to proactively react to avoid passenger complaints through using the corporate inbox to receive alerts about flight delays, departure/arrival gate changes or other issues about connecting flights.

Buy on board services constitute a large and important part of an airline’s operating revenues and the application (which is currently available for Android platforms) enables crews to get to know their customers and bring the right services to their attention. The aircrew’s dedicated features on the application help to reduce the airline’s operating costs, and provides them with valuable customer information, drastically improving the in-flight experience for airline staff and customers.