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The top 5 UK holiday destinations to visit with dogs

The top 5 UK holiday destinations to visit with dogs

If you are a dog person, then you know that leaving your dog behind when going on a holiday is not an option. Unfortunately, finding a dog-friendly holiday destination is not easy. There are a good number of destinations that don’t tolerate any pets at all which can cause a big dilemma when you want to take your dog on a trip. Luckily, there is an equally high number that appreciates that pets also deserve a holiday. In case you are looking to take a holiday in the U.K, here are the top 5 UK holiday destinations to visit with dogs.

1. Cornwall
Cornwall is a top destination for holidaymakers. It also happens to be one of the best for those traveling with their dogs. The countryside environment is perfect for dog-walking, and your dog will have lots of fun. If you choose to holiday in this destination, you should check out the dog-friendly retreats blog. They have valuable information on some of the best dog friendly holiday cottages in the U.K. From their blog, you will also learn about the main things to look for in a dog-friendly holiday destination.

2. Cumbria & and the Lake District
This is a perfect location for people who love the outdoors. The open landscape in this location makes it perfect for walking your dog around, and even play fetch, among other games. For a more fulfilling experience, visit this place during the off-season. This is the time when it is most quiet, which will help keep your dog at ease.

3. Peak District
Peak District is a perfect holiday destination both for you and your dog. It has a national park where you can enjoy the outdoors with your dog, walking around and playing. In Peak District, you can also visit iconic 16th-century homes, since they allow dogs to wander around. On top of that, Peak District has some of the most dog-friendly pubs in the U.K. After playing with your dog all afternoon, you can let it accompany you for a pint or two later in the day without attracting curious eyes on yourself. It’s the place to be, if you want to spend as much time as possible with your beloved 4-legged friend.

4. Devon
Devon is a favorite holiday destination for dog lovers, mainly because of its amazing weather. This means you have enough time to give your dog for a walk along the coast all day long. On top of that, this location has some of the best castles in the U.K where you can walk your dog with no restrictions. Some of these castles include Powderham Castle, and the walled garden.

5. Pobbles Bay Gower
This is another amazing place that you can take a holiday with your dog. The sandy beaches present an amazing opportunity for your dog to jump around and have fun in the sand. All this while you too get to enjoy the ocean breeze. For an even more enjoyable holiday for your dog, take a holiday in off-peak season. In this period, there are fewer people around, which means less stress for your dog. You can check out this site to learn more about Pobbles Bay. There are many other places you can take your dog for a holiday in the U.K. Just take your time to do some research, with a focus on issues like convenience and cost.