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The NFL Stadiums that are the Most Accommodating for Tourists

The NFL Stadiums that are the Most Accommodating for Tourists

A visit to an NFL game doesn’t have to be just about the action on the field. There is a big surge in the demand for sports tourism and visiting a stadium is all part of that package.

Many of the big football teams around the US will also provide stadium tours. These won’t be available on match days, but their very presence underlines how stadiums and tourism are perfect partners in the present day.

A Grand Day Out
Modern stadiums have had to develop in order to accommodate the high demand for NFL matches. Capacities at some of the older grounds, simply weren’t high enough to seat everyone that wanted to attend.

Lost ticket sales mean a loss of revenue to franchise teams. New stadia comes at a significant cost, but it’s also seen as an investment.

As part of the package, the best grounds offer more than just sport. There are bars, restaurants, cinemas and much more. Don’t forget the official club shops where fans stock up on merchandise.

Now that we know just what may be on offer at an NFL ground, here are some of the best on the circuit.

SoFi Stadium: Inglewood California
It may be one of the newest stadiums in the league, but there is no shortage of interest in the SoFi Stadium. It showcased the Super Bowl at the start of 2022 and has already been confirmed as a host stadium for the 2026 Soccer World Cup and the 2028 Summer Olympics.

Officially opened in 2020, the SoFi is simply vast. It sprawls across 298 acres of Inglewood land and can seat over 70,000 spectators. It includes theaters, restaurants and it can boast a huge audio visual system.

Home to the LA Rams and the LA Chargers in the NFL, it’s a spectacular structure and is already a big hit among fans and stadium tourists alike.

Highmark Stadium: New York
Sometimes it’s all about location. Opened in 1973, the Highmark Stadium is home to the Buffalo Bills. It may seem outdated by modern standards, but it’s developed to cope with greater demand as it reaches its fiftieth anniversary.

The Highmark has no issue with capacity and it can cater for up to 71,608 fans, more than the modern SoFi.

Part of its obvious attraction lies in its close proximity to New York. Casual football fans will want a stadium that offers a quick route to the big attractions of a major city and the Highmark Stadium fits the bill.

Speaking of Bills, this has certainly been an inspirational venue for Buffalo’s NFL team. After a positive regular season, the team are favorites to win the Super Bowl, according to current NFL lines. Clearly there is some world class football to be enjoyed here too.

Acrisure Stadium: Pennsylvania
Recently known as Heinz Field, the Acrisure Stadium is the ideal destination for students of the NFL. It hosts a remarkable museum in the Great Hall which is home to a stunning collection of memorabilia.

Many artifacts relate to the Pittsburgh Steelers and College team the Pittsburgh Panthers, but it’s a diverse collection with most teams represented. The stadium is spectacular in its own right and it can hold over 68,000 fans on matchdays.

MetLife Stadium: New Jersey
Along with the SoFi Stadium, the MetLife Stadium is one of only two grounds which is shared by two NFL franchises. Its appeal is so great that both the New York Jets and the New York Giants are happy to cross the Hudson to come and play here.

With a staggering capacity of 82,500, it dwarfs its NFL counterparts in terms of sheer size. The vastness of the MetLife comes with an appropriate focus on luxury. There are lots of concession choices, together with luxury suites for hire and over 2,000 HDTV’s.

Arrowhead Stadium: Missouri
Opened in 1972 and home to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Arrowhead Stadium is the place to come for the best game atmosphere. It holds the official world record for the loudest crowd roar and that faithful home support has been a boost for the Chiefs in more than 50 years.

It’s a stunning design and the Arrowhead Stadium also has one of the best Halls of Honor for those who love their NFL history.

A Change of Scene
There are many more NFL stadiums in the US that will feel they could have been included. And, with American football being a global sport, fans and tourists can head further afield. The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in the UK has hosted NFL matches, and is believed to be making an audacious bid for the Super Bowl.

While a switch to London for the NFL’s biggest game would divide opinion, it would certainly add to the potential for sports tourism for travelers all over the world.