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The highest statue of the Virgin Mary in the world is in Haskovo, Bulgaria

The highest statue of the Virgin Mary in the world is in Haskovo, Bulgaria

The highest statue of Virgin Mary is located in the Bulgarian town of Haskovo. Built and opened to visitors in 2003, the impressive sculpture has attracted visitors from around the world. It is a part ofa route on the project under the Operational Programme “Regional Development” 2007-2013 - “Development of regional tourist product: Haskovo - Dimitrovgrad - Stambolovo”, financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the state budget of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The highest in the world statue of the Virgin and Child was built in the town of Haskovo with reverence and gratitude to the Mother of God ( The monument was built with donations from Haskovo public. In 2005 it was entered in the Guinness Book of Records, and since 2009 is on the list of the hundred national tourist sites in Bulgaria. It is made of polymer concrete and weighs 120 tons. The total height of the monument is 32.8 m, and its impressive and attractive vision is complemented by the chapel “Virgin Birth” built in the foundations. The symbol is not randomly selected - the Mother of God has always been regarded as the patron of Haskovo. In its long history Nativity of the Virgin is revered as one of the biggest holidays, and by a decision of the local authority September 8th becomes the Day of Haskovo.

Next to the monument in 2010 Belltower is opened which is the second highest in Bulgaria. With nearly 30 meters high it offers stunning views of the city of Haskovo and surroundings. Under its dome there are eight bells.

People willing to see the statue of the Virgin travelers can reach Haskovo easily. From Bulgaria’s capital Sofia there is highway and convenient rail and bus transport. The distance is only 220 km. Cozy restaurants and hospitable hotels are a guarantee for your good time in Thrace region, home to picturesque Municipalities Haskovo, Dimitrovgrad and Stambolovo. Here the possibilities for cultural and historical tourism are combined with clean environment. Something that makes your stay in the region unique and memorable for a lifetime.