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The 5 best airports for a long layover

The 5 best airports for a long layover

Flying can be fun, especially if you get to go on a great vacation, but the possible layovers between flights are enough to make anyone stay at home. Airports are busy, noisy, take forever to get around, and you have to arrive hours before your flight so you don’t miss it. Did you know that there are some cool things that you can do while you wait?

In most airport buildings, you will only see some restaurants and gift shops, but if you know where to look you can find some interesting places to spend your free time. Read on to find out how you can have fun at your next long layover.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Netherlands)
This large European airport is one of the most comfortable ones you will find. Apart from a generous supply of different couches and chairs, the facility has a Dutch gallery and an indoor park with sounds of nature. If this is not enough relaxation amongst the chaos, you can help yourself to free cheese and stroopwafels.

Dubai International Airport (UAE)
Dubai is well known for luxury and grand skyscrapers that pass through the clouds, and if you are lucky enough to get stuck at this airport, you can have a good time riding camels or taking their dune buggies out for a spin. This airport is also the ideal shopping centre for any shopaholic with some cash to burn, as you will mainly find expensive jewellery and clothing stores.

Vancouver International Airport (Canada)
Located in the heart of British Columbia, this place is perfect for aquarium and fish lovers. Rated one of the best airports in Canada, thanks to its gorgeous internal decorating and high glass walls exposing the rich landscape. The marine life in the airport is home to more than 5,000 different animals with a separate jellyfish tank.

If this doesn’t pique your interest, there is even the River Rock Casino less than a $20 taxi drive away from the airport. You can find all the best spin casino slots in Canada here.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (USA)
JFK boasts 7 different locations within the airport facility that you can go to for a spa treatment. They have everything from manicures to massage therapies so you can spend your flight well rested after a long layover. Recently, a 63-foot-long infinity-edge pool was installed on the roof of the JFK hotel and it has a clear view of the runway with some comfortable seating that can host almost 300 guests.

Hong Kong International Airport
Easily the most fun and exciting airport to be at during a layover, even if you are travelling with children. This high-tech airport has funky mirrors that show what different colours and clothing styles will suit you, so you don’t have to try it on before buying. The best feature? Disneyland is on the same island, just a quick train ride away. Here you can easily spend a good five hours and the time will fly by.

Layovers between international flights aren’t boring anymore. As more and more people travel for work and pleasure, airports have implemented amazing activities and features to keep us occupied. The next time you are in one of these airports, remember what cool places you may just find.