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Rosewood Corniche, Jeddah offers Ramadan in pure Hijazi style

Rosewood Corniche, Jeddah offers Ramadan in pure Hijazi style

The Rosewood Corniche occupies a prime location within Jeddah, in the fashionable northern corner of the city, overlooking the Red Sea coastline.

For guests staying at what is one of the newest ultra-luxury hotels the Holy Month of Ramadan will be in true Hijazi style, as Phil Blizzard reports on his ‘tour’ of Ramadan Tents and Ramadan offerings from across the GCC.

Breaking Travel News spoke to Hans-Peter Leitzke, managing director of Rosewood Corniche and he revealed: “We have been hosting Ramadan Iftars since the hotel opened seven years ago.

“In 2011, we introduced the ‘Layali Hijazia’ theme that we develop every year. 

“It has become a very popular theme for our guests and diners, placing them in the heart of Hijazi culture and cuisine.”

The Hijazi region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia runs down the Red Sea coastline, with Jeddah being its main city.

The Hejazis see themselves as being cosmopolitan, open-minded and more liberal.

Jeddah is a bustling and thriving city, and its stature as the main seaport and airport for persons visiting the holy city of Makkah has ensured it is the most cosmopolitan of all of Saudi Arabia’s cities.

This year Rosewood Corniche has planned a unique Ramadan experience for guests, in the hotel’s two main restaurants, Habsburg and Noodles.

Nine different menus rotate every day to guarantee a variety of choices so guests can try a different menu every time they dine during the Holy Month. 

At Iftar guests will be able to break their fasts with delicious buffets of authentic Hijazi cuisine, along with traditional Arabic delights.

Then later in the evening Habsburg, overlooking the Corniche and the Red Sea, is the restaurant for Suhour offering live cooking stations of international and local dishes such as shawarma, lamb and beef liver, egg omelettes and foul madamas.

Hans-Peter Leitzke, also told Breaking Travel News: “Personally, I enjoy the special festive spirit our staff express throughout the Holy Month.

“The atmosphere in the hotel is buzzing and I enjoy seeing families come together here in celebration as they break their fasts.

“Ramadan is one of the busiest times of the year for hotels in the Middle East, so it’s important every once in a while to take a step back and observe the experiences our guests are enjoying. 

“It makes the months of hard work more than worthwhile.”

Ramadan diners at Rosewood Corniche will enjoy a true Hijazi atmosphere, surrounded by colourful Fanous lanterns, Mashrabiya windows and traditional handicrafts.

The Rosewood Corniche is a flawless combination of the latest technology, spectacular design and unprecedented sophistication.

Designed to cater to both the business and leisure traveller, the hotel is ideally situated on the Jeddah Corniche, one of the city’s most impressive locales, and is just 20 minutes from the city’s King Abdul Aziz International Airport.

The Rosewood Corniche, Jeddah is recognised by the World Travel Awards as being the Middle East’s Leading Luxury Hotel and also as Saudi Arabia’s Leading Business Hotel.

More information can be found on the hotel’s official website.