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New York Boating Company Offers ‘AirBnB’ Style Bookings

New York Boating Company Offers ‘AirBnB’ Style Bookings

Are you planning a trip to New York soon? If so, you won’t want to miss your chance to experience the Big Apple on the water. With stunning skyline views of the bustling city, a boating trip is the perfect way to experience the numerous tourist attractions. Whether you are looking for a small private cruise for a family or group of friends or want to hold a corporate event hosted on the waters of the harbor, there is no denying that the experience is one not to be missed.

It’s a Boating Haven
Whether you are a prospective boat renter, a boat owner or a skipper you can benefit from – boating’s answer to AirBnB. Like the popular accommodation website, Salio allows boat owners to post their watercrafts for rent on the site, where they can be viewed by potential renters. Owners can choose whether or not their boat will be manned or unmanned – and if you’re not willing to go so far as to take the tourists out yourself but don’t want to let them loose with your boat, you can even find qualified, trustworthy captains and skippers for your boat using the same site.

What is Salio? is a marketplace for peer-to-peer boat rentals which was launched in late 2014. Based in New York and Florida, the company aims to connect boat owners, captains and renters on one single, affordable platform. Salio aims to make the boating experience as easy as possible for all involved – whether you’re an experienced boat owner looking to earn some money from your hobby or have never sailed before in your life, this site will be able to accommodate your needs and match you up with the right people to ensure that you have an unforgettable experience.

Better Accessibility
Salio’s main mission has always been to make boating and sailing more easily accessible to everyone. And, from motor yachts and sailboats to dinghies and pontoons, boat rentals are now easier than ever to come by thanks to this site, where there’s something available for everyone. When you book your boating trip with, you’re given the possibility to view, book and compare different boating trips and experiences in a matter of minutes – simply choose one that you like, select a time and date, and they will do the rest for you! There are a variety of time frames to choose from, with boat owners offering their services and boats for hire for periods of a few hours, a day, or even a week!

Creating Jobs is also working hard to create more job opportunities in New York. With the opportunity to offer boats for rent allowing boat owners to make some extra cash from their underutilized crafts, it’s also creating plenty opportunities for captains and skippers currently out of work to get back into employment doing what they do best.
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