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My Top 3 Vacations of All Time - And Why They Worked

My Top 3 Vacations of All Time - And Why They Worked

I have never been one for a traditional vacation. I don’t have kids, nor a 9-5 to step away from. With our relative freedom, my wife and I still like to get away from the day-to-day, trying on a different style of life for as long as we can manage. Sometimes we’ve wandered, other times we’ve traveled with great intention. But after a number of these excursions around the country, I’ve enjoyed several more than others. And I hope to share with you what about these adventures made them so enjoyable, things I would like to experience again.

1) The Big Cabin in Colorado. I’m not much of an outdoorsman, so I didn’t take advantage of the skiing quite like some of our friends did. But when we journeyed off with some of our closest pals to the week long vacation rental in the mountains, through Summit Vacations. We’ve done the same thing with a big vacation rental, but I found that I enjoyed the mountains and the snow more. With a few friends involved, the cost of a week’s rental wasn’t a big deal at all. Everybody got to enjoy a different pace of life. Sometimes we enjoyed time together as a group, other times alone as couples. We found antique stores and lots of awesome food in the nearby town, but the thing I enjoyed most was making the huge bonfire out in the snow. Crowded around the big fire for warmth, with the bright stars and the mountain quiet was something I never get to experience back home. This alone was worth the journey, and this model for vacationing is something I very much recommend.

2) The Hostel in San Francisco. Life used to take me to San Francisco quite often, but I never got to explore its diversity. When we went back, we got a room in a cheap hostel in the Mission District, then walked out the door without a plan or much knowledge of the city’s layout. This was a fantastic decision. We enjoyed the sun amongst happy hipsters in Golden Gate Park, then spent the rest of the day wandering through parts of town where English isn’t spoken. We saw a show near the wharf and drank too much in China Town. I like this approach to city vacationing. Find a city you like and get lost in it. As long as you can find your room again, it’s amazing to get swept up in a place you’ve never been, and may never be again.

3) The Staycation. I’m always surprised at how much people haven’t tried this, but I highly recommend it. For one thing, you don’t have to pay for lodging, or travel. Just splurge on places you never go in your hometown. When we’ve done it, I tell people we’re going on vacation. Which we are. The phone calls stop, and we are free to gallivant around our city like we own the place. The only rules? We can’t go anywhere we’ve ever been before, and we’re allowed to spend we more than normal. It’s great. Plus, you get to sleep in your own bed every night.

I encourage readers to get creative with your vacationing. After all, it’s about your own rest and enjoyment. So do something that is restful and enjoyable. It doesn’t have to be the plain old trip to the beach, unless that’s what you want. Even then, try doing it a new way.