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Moving to a remote Scottish island

Moving to a remote Scottish island

For most people, the idea of leaving the city life and moving to the country can be daunting. However, we see more and more interest around the remote British islands for their beautiful landscape, rich culture and fascinating history and language. But what is it really like? Is it possible to live a full, fulfilled life in the country?

The Islands
With a population of 6, Ulva, a tiny Scottish island, is trying desperately to attract more people to the small island. No shops, no proper roads and one ferry stop and yet hundreds have applied to live on that beautiful island off the coast of Mull after an appeal from the city council. Why do people seek that kind of lifestyle?

Living on a remote island can be a great experience but only if you’re not scared of adventure and the grand outdoor… Ideal to reconnect with nature but also to remember what’s important such as your family, your health, nature and many more. Nowadays, a lot of people are frustrated with the frenetic pace of our modern life and the never-ending rise of new technology. When you live in such a remote place, you have to learn to be self-sufficient and to equip yourself with the best.

One can think of the case of Shetland Island where the islanders have put in place polytunnels to encourage more gardening and food production. Polytunnels are a great idea for this kind of harsh environment because they are the perfect robust and sheltered growing space to protect vegetables, wildflowers and more. Moreover, we now find more and more of those installations in small islands to promote self-sufficiency in case of strong storms, it’s possible to find these installations from numerous retailers such as Premier Polytunnels.

There is also a great sense of community that you don’t often see in the cities and towns inland. People will stop and have a chat or wave at you because there is still a sense of trust and belonging.

The challenges
Living remotely comes with some challenges such as not being able to get everything you want from shops or online shopping. It can also be lonely sometimes especially if you don’t have any family with you… You could spend days or even weeks without seeing another person.

You won’t have easy access to all the commodities you are used to like food delivery, mail, fast internet, medical care and many more. Access to public transportation and city amenities like gas stations are also more difficult to come by. Raising kids in remote island can be hard because a school can only run if there are enough children on the island.

Setting aside the beautiful landscape and the freedom that comes with living on a remote island, a number of challenges also come with living it. It all depends on what your priorities are and what you are willing to give up for a sense of freedom.