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Meaningful Vacations: What to Do in Other Countries

Meaningful Vacations: What to Do in Other Countries

Modern successful people no longer travel simply for changing their place of residence. Each of their trips has a specific purpose. Europeans, Americans, and Japanese travel with certain goals for quite a long time. A true French gourmet could overcome a thousand kilometers to taste a special lamb’s paste. To master surfing on the Australian shores, to run the marathon, to reach the ski slopes of the Alps – these are the purposes people have got.

So, if you plan to have meaningful vacations, check out our list of reasons to try out.

1.    Gambling
As far as gambling is prohibited in many countries of the world, people use their vacations to visit famous casinos of Vegas, Macao or Melbourne. These places attract many travelers, so travel agencies even organize gambling tours over the USA or Eastern Asia. Professional players visit poker competitions, while others check their chances in local casinos. To master your skills, play regularly. The most popular games are available here on Casinority AU. Thanks to reviews and ratings on, a beginner can choose the most suitable game for his or her level and practice before starting a game for real money.

2.    Training
Training from famous masters, internships, study visits to enterprises, conferences, forums, and language courses - the travels for knowledge are extremely popular today. Perfumers go to Spain, France, and Morocco. Cooks are more likely to visit Florence in Italy. Business classes are traditionally held in California, New York or Paris. For example, you can check the following options:

● Le Cordon Bleu Cooking School in Paris (France) launches its classes every year in January, March, June, and September;
● Learning English at Global English center in Exeter (UK) is available all year, on Sundays.

3.    Expeditions
The charismatic leader of the group, who wants to see something interesting, makes a route and invites the interested people to join. Glaciers and geysers of Iceland, dizzying routes in Norway, trekking in Mallorca, dipping into South American culture in Peru and Chile - the choice is just the widest. For example, you can try:

● Pedestrian expedition to the mysterious Inca city of Machu Picchu (Peru);
● Trekking in Patagonia “Journey to the End of the World” (Argentina, Chile);
● Group bike expedition in Japan, etc.

4.    Sport
Marathons, competitions, kite schools, sailing regattas, dive expeditions, climbing, championships - the list can be very long. Sports fans do not even allow to be classified as tourists. Although in a civilized world, such tours are very organized. A picturesque marathon in the Alps, the swimming over the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Wimbledon in England, Formula 1 in different parts of the world. The list can be continued endlessly.

5.    Events
Film festivals, carnivals, fashion shows, big concerts, closed shows – these are all about entertainment seekers. Almost everyone has at least once heard about the following events:

● The Venice Film Festival, Berlin;
● Traditional grandiose classical music concerts in the Coliseum;
● Burning Man’s Millionaire Camp in the United States;
● Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil);
● Oscar Award in Los Angeles (USA), etc.

6.    Beauty Traveling
The choice is huge: from spa resorts in the Maldives, South Africa or Thailand to classic clinics in Switzerland, Italy, France, and Germany. Here are resorts and clinics that present the best wellness programs:

● SHA Wellness Clinic in Spain. A world-class clinic that is designed to help its guests restore the harmony of body, mind, and spirit with the help of ancient practices of the East, using the latest achievements of Western medicine, elements of modern macrobiotics, and the healing potential of nature.
● Six Senses Spa in the Maldives is the best spa-center in an exotic resort.
The taste for the right traveling is formed over the years. Just answer the question: how will this journey change my life for the better?