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London’s Hotel Rates Are The Largest In Europe

London’s Hotel Rates Are The Largest In Europe

A recently released study by HRS reveals the fact that London now stands out as the most expensive capital to live in from all the capitals in Europe. We are looking at an increase of 10% when comparing with the rates noticed last year in London’s hotels. Those that want to celebrate as celebrities in UK may want to think about another option if the budget is tight this year. For instance, Liverpool is now a lot cheaper than London and detours may be recommended for tourists from all around the world.

Average Hotel Rates
The average London hotel room rates reach close to £130. As a comparison, both Copenhagen and Paris have rates that average at £117 for one room. The entire United Kingdom has growing prices with Edinburgh being the second most expensive with one room averaging at £97 per night. The increase here is of close to 13% when compared to rates noticed in 2013. Welsh capital sees a similar increase in prices charged for those interested.

According to Venue Search London, prices also went up for renting hotel venues. Practically the entire travel industry is now forced to offer prices that are higher for tourists because of the UK economy’s growth noticed in the past year.

Bargains Still Exist
While it is obvious that bargains still exist, you may want to avoid London in order to put your hands on some. The cheapest hotel rooms are available in Liverpool, a city that actually had a decrease in average room rates of over 2% as compared to the same time last year. The average room price is at £72.
As many tourists will stay away from UK’s capital this year, statistics show that tourism is actually picking up again, according to UK and Ireland HRS managing director, Jon West. He declared that the price increases for hotel rooms booked in the capital are connected to the economic recovery and the increase in interest from tourists.

Europe’s Expensive Destinations
The most expensive Europe destinations based on average hotel room prices are now:

1. London - £130
2. Copenhagen - €149
3. Paris - €130

London did surpass Copenhagen because of the 10% price increase and it is expected that the prices will be even higher for the upcoming holiday season. It may be a good idea to postpone Christmas in London this year or opt for different options since the increase is steady at the moment in the city.

Hotel Room Increases
After the city of London, Lisbon sees the largest increase in hotel room rates, now reaching €96, an increase of 17%. Notable increases were also noticed in Amsterdam. The most inexpensive room rates are available in Warsaw, with an average of only €72.

The same research conducted by HRS highlighted that those choosing to visit Prague, Berlin and Budapest can now take advantage of highly moderate rates and maximize on their business travel expenditures. Drops in price rates in the past year were noticed in Stockholm, Oslo and Istanbul. The price drop with these cities is an average of 12%.