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Just The Flight Releases Revolutionary Tipping Tool

Just The Flight Releases Revolutionary Tipping Tool

Just The Flight’s revolutionary new tipping tool helps to ease the discomfort that comes with unknown social etiquette while abroad, ensuring that users will be able to fit in with cultures and customs wherever they visit.

Just The Flight ( has released a new tool that will enable users to tip correctly after any service while holidaying or travelling. The tool, aptly named How Much Should I Tip ( aims to help relationships between tourists and those offering a service.

It’s an age-old problem: how much should you tip? Too little can deeply offend, but in some countries, the entire notion of tipping is unacceptable. Not only does gratuity vary between countries, but also between services. It can be hard to remember to tip a taxi driver a certain percentage, when it’s different for waitresses and waiters, and hotel staff.

In order to combat this situation that many holiday-makers find themselves in, Just The Flight created a tool that instantly gives its users access to tipping information. 415 countries and cities are included within the tool, and it advises users on correct amounts for tipping behaviour within restaurants, hotels, and taxis.

By compiling research and entering it into a simple, user-friendly website, people can access endless amounts of information, without having to trawl through varying sites. Information was carefully selected through Just The Flight’s wide network of friends, partners, and bloggers. Similar to the Google search bar, users can type in their destination and hit enter – or start to enter a city or country, and choose from automatic responses.

Mark Byart, Director of Internet at Just the Flight, said: “We’ve all experienced that awkward moment at the end of a meal, or while paying for a taxi on holiday, and not being sure how much – or whether we even should – tip!

“After a conversation in the office, we realised that other people probably experience this too, and we starting working on a way to help travellers and holiday-makers. This is such a great tool, and although it can be seen as a bit of fun, it has the potential to help tourists fit in and ensure staff get correct tips.”

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