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Five casinos to see in Las Vegas

There are some things you should know when traveling to Vegas, the first of which is that the city never sleeps and there is always something happening. Because of this you should plan out your time as well as you can to insure that you make to most of your time there. In order to help you with this great task here is a list of the top five casinos you must visit.

5. Wynn Las Vegas
If there is one thing that you can say about this casino it is that it stands out above the rest, this is because of its amazing black glass and fifty five stories. This is not the only thing that lets the Wynn stand out though as the casino floor is filled with games that any gambler wants to play.

4. Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino
What makes the Rio stand out is a different kind of atmosphere than anywhere else in Vegas, this is one fun and partying and rightfully so. The whole inside is made up like the real Rio in carnival season and so it’s easy to see how they keep the theme going throughout. It is definitely a place to go if you want to enjoy your favourite casino games from JackpotCity in a different setting.

3. The Venetian
From one setting to the next The Venetian casino is totally different to any other casino you will find in Vegas also. The only place in the world you will find a casino like this is in Venice itself and that is because there is a canal running through the casino that you can take gondola rides in. Truly a sight to see.

2. Bellagio
With the style of old European casinos the Bellagio has a classic feel to itself, it is what you would think of if asked about what a casino should look like. The Bellagio takes this to another level though by adding more than you would ever think a casino would need in order to be special, with a world class spa and top notch restaurants you could stay in the Bellagio your whole stay and never get bored.

1. MGM Grand Las Vegas
With a casino that is world famous for being one of the best available the MGM Grand starts out as a great place to visit, but when you add all of the other attractions that are there too it becomes a must visit casino. For example where else in Vegas could you see one of the biggest boxing matches in the world one night and then a concert the next?