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Ireland Tourist Attraction – Best Things to See and Do

Ireland Tourist Attraction – Best Things to See and Do

Ireland is an incredibly green and beautiful land of surprises and great experience around every corner.

The people are friendly and always welcoming to visitors and there is no shortage of places where you can enjoy a pint of that black stuff, Guinness.

If you are heading there and want to get some ideas of where you should go and what you should do, you’ve come to the right place.

Literature and History
Ireland is a country with a deep and fascinating history, so it’s not too difficult to take in some of that rich heritage while taking a walk through the streets of Dublin. It is a heady mixture of its past, stunning Georgian architecture and all the hallmarks of a modern-age European city. St Stephen’s Green, Trinity College, the National Gallery and National History Museum are all must-see places.

In the Old Library of Trinity College, for instance, you will find a manuscript written by 9th century monks called the Book of Kells. This old book,  that sits comfortably between some 200,000 books from the past, shows just how far back in time the literature of Ireland goes.

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Take in the Breath-taking Scenery
If possible, visit Cliffs of Moher  for one of the most iconic landscapes in the whole of the Emerald Isles. Dramatic cliffs loom over the wild and exuberant Atlantic Ocean. You also should take a jaunty, either by car or by foot around the pristine County Kerry.

Let your eyes and taste buds be your guide and visit the many abbeys, cathedrals, forts, castles, eateries and pubs. Many of those staggeringly beautiful shots of the green land that you’ve seen are from County Kerry. 

Castles and more Castles
It has to be said that the friendly people, the Guinness, the stunning scenery and castles are all key components to the quintessential Irish experience. There is actually something in the region of 30,000 at various places throughout the country.

These are windows into the ups and downs of Ireland’s past where Scottish, British and Irish rulers all had took part in a long-standing conflict. Some of key castles you should try to visit include Kilkenny Castle, Blarney Castle and Cahir Castle.

There are also amazing exhibitions of fully restored castles in County Waterford and County Kilkenny at Lismore and Ballybur respectively.

The Nightlife
Ireland really comes alive at night, so if you are looking for a good time when the sun goes down, you can go just about anywhere.  Everywhere sells Guinness, and most places have traditional folk music played and locals who are more than happy to chatter with you for hours and hours. Dublin is a great place to head with Temple Bar and its exciting array of restaurants and pubs.

As is Galway, with the stunning scenery from Galway Bay and a pub culture to get excited about. Kilkenny, similarly, is a vibrant pub-centred city and also is home to the Smithwick Brewery.

Wherever you go in Ireland, you are bound to have a memorable time that will create memories that will stick with you for a long time to come.