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Inner peace at Görvälns Slott, Sweden

Inner peace at Görvälns Slott, Sweden Görvälns Slott owners Maria and Johan Eklund

Arriving at Görvälns Slott manor house there is no question that one is arriving in a designer-boutique hotel near Stockholm city.

Maria and Johan Eklund, the owners of the hotel, have themselves picked out every detail so that guests can enjoy the relaxing environment, the beautiful rooms and the splendid cuisine and beverages.

These qualities are widely recognised by a satisfied clientele. Görvälns Slott was recently awarded the title of Sweden’s Leading Boutique Hotel by the World Travel Awards, known as the ‘the Oscars of the Travel Industry’.

Görvälns Slott is a boutique hotel for discerning guests seeking a modern, yet timeless, manorial experience. 

The hotel’s owners have developed a unique concept in which luxurious enchantment infuses every aspect of a stay, from food and drink to service and design.

The contrasts between the austere style of the manorial buildings and the intimate opulence and luxurious comfort of the rococo fantasy inside are like nowhere else in Sweden.

All 38 hotel rooms have their own personal style and showcase the talents of a furniture restorer who has worked for three years to renovate and gild furniture that matches and enhances its settings.

The hotel is located on the outskirts of Stockholm, and overlooks the picturesque lake Mälaren.

For Johan and Maria, the hotel is a passion that allows them to work with their joys in life.

Thanks to their hard work, and personal touch, the boutique hotel now breathes an atmosphere of calm and peace. Welcoming bedrooms, exquisitely comfortable beds and fine quilts give life to the Dalai Lama’s wise words that “sleep is the best meditation”.

The staff at Görväln work systematically to ensure that their guests can relax. A visit to Görväln will tease your pallet and rest away from the stresses of everyday life. The establishment also caters for conference parties, who can find inspiration from the peaceful environment.

“We are so close to Stockholm city, it is hard to believe that a place so peaceful can be within such short distance,” explained Johan Eklund.

Indeed, the hotel’s restaurant also receives guests who only wish to pop by and enjoy the excellent food in the priceless settings.

One thing is for sure, one visit to Görväln will not be enough, with many visitors returning to the serene environment to reconnect with themselves time and again.

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The property is considered Sweden’s Leading Boutique Hotel by the World Travel Awards.

For all you need to know about a visit to Görvälns Slott head over to the official website.