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Information for your India Tour

Information for your India Tour

Traveling abroad? Want a relaxing vacation? Stay well informed and read up on the places you are visiting in advance so that you can be prepared prior to your departure. It’s so much easier to have all the information at your fingertips as you travel, to avoid sweating the small stuff along the way. 

Read this comprehensive guide so you have information for your India tour.

Where to stay in India
Accommodation in India is varied and totally depends on your available budget! Whether you have a small or big budget, there is something for everybody in India. If you are on a lower budget, this doesn’t mean you have to stay in roach-infested dives. You can stay in some stunning reasonably priced hotels, from restored colonial homes with oldie-worldly vibes, to palaces that nod back to their opulent days of yesteryear!

Alternatively, you can live it up in five or six star accommodation that is filled with glamor and fantasy, soaking up the regal Indian culture.

What to do in India
Home to many diverse treasures, India is a country that awaits your exploration! At every turn, there is a different landscape to fall in love with, a new monument to admire, and a new culture to unearth.

The most iconic attraction in India, if of course the renowned and ever-so romantic white marble mausoleum of the Taj Mahal, which brings visitors from around the world.

Take a trip to Varanasi where the River Ganges, the holiest river for pilgrims of the Hindu faith, flows through. This extraordinary city, shrouded in mystery and spirituality, is a fascinating attraction for learning about life and death and devotion, and sunrise boat rides and evening prayers are definitely highlights of a trip.

If you are a wildlife lover then India also has much to witness. Head out to the diverse landscapes of the numerous national parks that the country boasts, and go on a tiger safari in the dense jungle, where you may be lucky enough to have an up-close encounter with one of these majestic big cats.

What to eat in India
Unlike most countries, India is a mecca for its own signature-style cuisine. The various curries of India are known the world-over, yet for a truly authentic experience, you need to visit India for the real deal.

First time guests to India will be surprised at the delicate balance of fragrant aromatics and spices. The delicious dishes vary depending on where your India tour takes you – from the rich, buttery gravy dishes of Rajasthan to the coconut-infused flavors of South India, to the street food chaats or snacks such as samosas, puri and dosa.

Sipping a spicy and sweet masala chai is a great way to your cleanse your palate after a mouthwatering Indian meal.

We hope this initial information for your India tour is a good starting point for your trip of a lifetime vacation to India. Plan well and you won’t be disappointed! India is such a magical destination that it’s hard to not leave a piece of your heart there. What are you waiting for?