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I Want to Go There: 3 Amazing Spots to See in Scandinavia

I Want to Go There: 3 Amazing Spots to See in Scandinavia

Scandinavia - a historic and cultural region of Northern Europe - is often dismissed as a tourist destination due to its climate. Which is a shame, as it has a selection of unique sights and landmarks to visit that are amazing enough to be unforgettable - and some of them are only available during the winter. The region referred to as Scandinavia consists of several countries, including Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, with Finland, Iceland, the Faroe islands, and the Åland Islands sometimes being counted into it. And they have some of the most incredible spots to visit, as you will see in today’s I want to go there: Scandinavian edition.

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But let’s proceed to the list of amazing spots to visit in Scandinavia, and leave the games for the days when the weather’s too ugly to leave the hotel.

The Atlantic Ocean Road

Europe has quite a few spectacular highways, mostly crossing its amazing mountains. The Atlantic Ocean Road stands out of the crowd, though, due to its spectacular scenery. During its construction, the Atlantic Ocean Road was hit by 12 major windstorms, which didn’t stop the construction team from finishing it in time for its July 1987 inauguration.

The Atlantic Ocean Road is described as the world’s best road trip, and it is among the most popular sites to film automobile commercials. It has been declared the “Norwegian Construction of the Century”, it is part of Norway’s cultural heritage, and it’s been classified as a National Tourist Route.


Kjeragbolten is a world-famous photo opportunity in Rogaland County, Norway. It’s a five cubic meter (176 cubic feet) rock steadily jutted in between the two vertical walls of a mountain crevasse. This wouldn’t make it too spectacular - yet the 984 meters (3,228 feet) abyss underneath it does the trick. The waiting times for a photo at the rock can be anywhere between a few minutes and one hour.

The Gullfoss Waterfall

The Gullfoss Waterfall is one of the most beautiful ones in Europe. Located on the southward-running Hvitá river, it passes two “steps” - an 11-meter (36 feet) deep one, followed by a 21 meter (69 feet) one - before falling into a 32-meter (105 feet) deep crevasse.

The waterfall had a history full of adversities: its owners rented it to foreign investors that attempted to turn it into a power generation plant but failed, before selling it to the Icelandic state, and became a protected site.