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Breaking Travel News investigates: Aspire Lounge & Spa, London Heathrow

Breaking Travel News investigates: Aspire Lounge & Spa, London Heathrow

Acknowledged as the most glamorous destination at London Heathrow, Terminal 5 is home to the Aspire Lounge & Spa.

A relaxed, sophisticated space tucked away in a quiet corner of the facility, it is the perfect place to begin a long journey.

Or, indeed, any journey!

Away from the bustling crowds, visitors can here unwind with a glass of champagne or catch up on email – whatever the situation demands.

Whether you wish to have some much-needed quiet time, or spend a few quality moments with the family, the lounge has a space for you. 

The only lounge in Terminal 5 open to all travellers, it is a sanctuary.

Aspire Lounge & Spa offers guests great views over the runway at Britain’s busiest airport, adding a touch of allure to what can be a mundane experience.

Of course, the lounge has unlimited Wi-Fi, allowing guests to stay connected, along with table-side charging facilities, to ensure everything is fully charged for travel.

For the hungry voyager, a wide selection of food is on offer, with complimentary menus featuring a range of traditional and local options available to guests.

Choose from bacon, sausage and egg, for breakfast, as well as freshly baked rolls, healthy self-serve salad bars, tasty filled sandwich rolls and luxury cake slices.

But offering freshly prepared food items is only one part of this story.

Aspire regularly reviews its menus and works with some great suppliers to ensure that the whole offering in each of lounge is fresh, on-trend and satisfying.

To quench the thirst if the more carefree traveller, the location offers a breadth of complimentary premium wines, beers, spirits and soft drinks.

What’s more Aspire seeks to bring guests premium and exclusive brands that cannot be found anywhere else in the airport.

Spey Whisky is on offer, for example, produced by one of Scotland’s oldest distilling families, adding a touch of something special to any visit.

If you want to be prepared, the full extensive list can be found via the website, so you can have a look, and pick out your favourite tipple from there.

There are also showers for those transiting as part of a longer journey, the perfect way to re-invigorate before the next flight.

Spa Breaks

Aspire Lounge & Spa is the first to contain a Bliss Spa.

Guests have the choice to treat themselves to either a 20 minute or 40 minute express treatment, which can be booked within the lounge on arrival.

The spa offers a comprehensive range of treatments, each designed to have maximum effect while making the most of the time you have before a flight.

Big meeting on arrival? How about a ‘Time to Glow’ treatment?

There’s never a ‘dull’ moment in this radiance revving facial, which brightens skin with the Triple Oxygen range.

The treatment includes expert application of puff-pummelling eye masks, a world famous skin-reviving face mask and vitamin-C-packed cream to leave you with that ‘just stepped out of the shower’ sheen.

Take a look at the full menu here.

All in all there can be no better way to start a journey – whatever the destination!

More Information

Born in 2012, Aspire Airport Lounges has begun a journey to offer great value in modern, ergonomically designed surroundings, specifically tailored to suit all types of guests.

They understand that people travel for all sorts of different reasons, which is why they have made many customisations to meet the needs of every customer.

Their mission, simply, is to provide our customers with the perfect start.

Find out more on the official” target=“_blank”>website.