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How to pass the time if you’re stuck quarantining in your hotel room

How to pass the time if you’re stuck quarantining in your hotel room

The Coronavirus pandemic has put travel on hold for many holidaymakers this year. Passengers, airports, airlines and hotels have all been affected, with thousands of trips continuing to be delayed or cancelled.

With the number of cases rising again and many cities and countries being placed on lockdown, what do you do to pass the time if you find yourself quarantining while on vacation? You might think that there are pretty limited options as to what can be done in a hotel room, but you might be surprised! Here’s our collection of suggestions as to what you can do to pass the time whilst quarantining from your hotel.

If you’re confined to a set amount of space then it’s important that you continue to move around and stay active. Your fitness level doesn’t matter, as long as you’re getting in at least one hour of daily movement while you can’t walk around outside.

There are plenty of free fitness apps available on smartphones that’ll let you pick a routine that suits your fitness level. Yoga and meditation exercises will also be highly beneficial for your physical and mental wellbeing at this time.

Play online in a virtual casino
The choice of TV channels in hotel rooms is minimal at best. Rather than spending hours re-watching the news -which let’s face it, is pretty depressing at the minute - why don’t you play some online games on a virtual casino site?

From blackjack and roulette to more modern games such as Street Fighter and Jumanji, these websites are a great way to kill some time. You also might benefit from winning jackpots and adding some extra bucks into your bank account if you’re lucky!

Since you’ll be quarantined in a hotel room, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have any housekeeping visits. Keeping your space clean can help with building a sense of accomplishment and efficiency each morning. It’ll also benefit your mental health if you’re not confined to a messy space.

Whether it’s simply making your bed every morning, deep cleaning the bathroom or hanging up your clothes in the closet space provided, you’ll feel much better being in a clean and tidy environment.

Online Learning
Another way to stay productive in your hotel room is to learn something you’ve always wanted to know. The opportunities for online learning are pretty much endless!
Why not try learning a new language on Duolingo, a new career skill on LinkedIn Learning or a new dance move on Youtube? Whatever it is, you’ve got nothing but time while quarantining!

It’s important to not forget to socialise! Just because you’re locked away quarantining doesn’t mean that you can’t use technology to socialise with co-workers, friends and family. Make sure you spend a few hours each day either on the phone or on video chat. Not only is this beneficial for your mental health, but it’ll also help you not to feel so alone through this ordeal.

Ultimately, quarantining in a hotel room for an extended period of time will be a challenge, so make sure you try to stay busy and remain positive! Use the time you have to do something you never have before, it’ll help your quarantine pass a lot quicker!