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How to monetize your travels

How to monetize your travels

Much is made of the life of the digital nomad these days. Before the pandemic, working digitally made it possible to travel the world without taking leave. As the pandemic drags to an end, that lifestyle is becoming possible again, and many are perfectly happy living that life. However, for someone who truly loves travel, it might seem like a blessing and a curse. After all, you get to travel but you need to work everywhere you go.

Monetizing your travels is certainly the more attractive option. The good news is that there are many ways to monetize your travels, including by using a photography website builder. You can create a beautiful website that showcases the incredible places you visit, using advertising and affiliate links to make money from it. But this is not the only money-making travel opportunity.

People have been making money from traveling since long before the internet. Think about all the travel guides that would come out yearly, needing to be updated with new editions. There were travel writers who wrote for newspapers and magazines. Travel TV shows became extremely popular.

Today it is just far easier. You don’t need to work your way up in a media corporation to get a well-paying job or find a publisher to publish your guides. You can go online and start a website or find freelance clients.

Here are the top ways to monetize your travels.

Get freelance jobs
This may not be your ideal approach, as you are writing for someone else. But freelance jobs are the most immediate way to start making money off your travels. You just need to apply on websites like Upwork or ProBlogger. You get immediate assignments and can start making money without having to wait for people to visit your website.

If you think there won’t be people looking for travel writers writing about your destinations, think again. There are so many websites paying good money to travel writers all around the world. If you are visiting places not many English-speakers visit, you are even better-placed to get good jobs.

Create a travel blog
Writing a travel blog is a far more desirable approach, because you are creating something for yourself. You choose what to write about, where to write about, and how to write about it.

It is so easy as we approach 2022 to create a beautiful website using a website builder. You can get it up-and-running in hours. Posting is so easy you can do it straight from your phone.

Travel photography should be part of your blog. You need high quality images to go with your blog posts. These should ideally be taken on a professional camera, although the latest smartphone cameras do come close. It may be worthwhile doing an online photography course to find out how to take the best possible photos, using framing techniques, focus, and contrast.

Advertising methods
There are some extremely easy ways to monetize your travel blog through advertising. You simply need to install Google Adwords and you can start earning immediately. However, this is far from the most lucrative type of advertising, and it does not necessarily provide value to your visitors.

The best type of marketing is for businesses in the region you are writing about. You can provide information about these businesses and how visitors will find amazing experiences through them. You can earn commissions from them for blog visitors who then use their services.

You can also provide affiliate marketing for products related to your blog. If you are going to beaches around the world, swimwear companies may be the perfect affiliates, along with companies selling beach accessories, surf companies, and the like.

Writing sponsored posts is a great way of making money without having to successfully sell anything to do so. Sponsored posts are paid for on the basis that visitors to your website will then use the service of the sponsor. You get paid to write the post regardless. Sponsors today usually do provide additional commissions for every customer who comes through your website, instead of paying it all upfront.

Digital Nomad vs Professional Traveler
Ultimately, you want to be a professional traveler rather than a digital nomad. While some people love the digital nomad lifestyle, you want your job to be to travel and not just to be able to do your job while traveling.

As the world begins to open up again post-COVID-19, this may be the perfect time to start working on your travel blog or to start looking for freelance jobs. You can start making money in no time.