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Guidebook Economist Style: Doing business in Sydney

Guidebook Economist Style: Doing business in Sydney

The The Economist is a regular podcast listen of mine. This week “Doing Business in Sydney” by the Economist appeared in my iTunes podcast feed. Is a ten minute Sydney guide by the Economist (odeo player with audio below) covering airport practicalities, business culture, restaurant and hotel recommendations and side trips if you have a moment. Interesting that the Economist is getting into the very crowded guidebook space. As to the content itself as a Sydney native I agreed with most of the recommendations except the comments on the airport.

Comments like

  1. “by and large waiting times at immigration are not that onerous”; and
  2. ‘“usually no wait for taxi’s” [at the airport].

....are scandalous untruths. A business or leisure traveller to Sydney can be practically 100% guaranteed of great weather, amazing views, entertaining people and a relaxed but serious business environment. Hopefully all that will be enough to help the traveller recover from the endless queues, scans and form checkers of Sydney Airport Immigration, Customs and Quarantine and the most inefficient taxi rank system this side of the sub-continent.