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Go Big or Go Home: Once in a Lifetime Family Trips to the Arctic

Go Big or Go Home: Once in a Lifetime Family Trips to the Arctic

Arctic holidays can offer you some of the most beautiful landscapes, amazing sights, and gorgeous views that you will never forget.

When you go on an adventure, you will want to experience something that is memorable. You may be wondering how you can actually book a family trip that is not only exciting but safe enough for all of your family to enjoy.

There are so many sights in the Arctic for you to witness. However, you may be considering what sort of trips would be worth it. Well, here are some of the best Arctic family trips that could suit you and your holiday interests perfectly.

Arctic Cruises
An idea that you could do as a family trip to the Arctic is to go on an Arctic cruise. Depending on the type of cruise you book, you could have a cabin sorted for you and your family, and you will be able to move around the Arctic and take in the sights. This is a great way to see the Northern Lights and also some of the animals that are native to the Artic, including polar bears, arctic foxes, terns, beluga whales, and arctic hares. There are even some cruises or boat expeditions that offer landings and guides that will show you around.

Arctic cruises can be undertaken by families, however it is recommended that you go with older children, as younger children may become restless or scared if the water becomes a bit wild. However, if your family is prepared to overcome any worries they have about the cruise, you will find it is worth it when the actual activities come.

Snow Hotels and Glass Igloos
Of course, the Arctic is famous for its snow. So, if you truly want to go big, why not pick a really unique hotel for you and your family to enjoy? Snow and ice hotels and glass igloos can let you and your family embrace the cold in a safe environment. Some ice hotels and glass igloos are transparent and will allow you to look at the sky throughout the night. That way, you will be able to sleep under the stars and Northern Lights while staying in comfort.

Honestly, if you want to bring your family to this type of hotel, make sure to wrap up warmly and prepare yourselves for the cold. Also ensure you ring up the hotel in advance so that you know what to bring with you and what warm treats they can offer you to help with the cold!

Moving around the Arctic
If you are interested in chasing the Northern Lights, you may be considering how you can move around the Arctic as quickly as possible. Of course, some people may just want to have a tour guide and a hike, however, there are ways that you can travel around in style to make it a memorable experience for both you and your family to enjoy. Some experiences that can help you and your family travel around include:

• Husky/dogsledding
• Kayaking
• Snowmobiles
• Expedition boats

You will have to book these in advance, but the travel will be exciting and you and your family will really enjoy the time you spend together.

Island Hopping
Naturally, you are going to want to see as many areas of the Arctic as you possibly can with your family. That’s why you may want to find an expedition that can help you go island hopping! This is a great way to see the midnight sun and understand how it affects the beauty of the landscapes around you.

There are a variety of island-hopping trips available that can take you around beautiful islands and show you gorgeous environments that you and your family will remember for a lifetime. Each of these trips is unique, so do your research before you go on holiday to get the most out of it.

Are you ready to visit the Arctic?
Whether you are looking for the best package holidays to the Northern Lights Village Levi, Finland, as Arctic Direct can offer, or you have decided to take things easy in an ice hotel, taking your family to the Arctic can make for some truly happy memories that no one in your travelling party will ever forget.

It is important that you have as many good experiences as you can with your loved ones. Time passes quickly. So, indulge in the moment and book the holiday of your dreams. Going to the Arctic will be a holiday that you will all be talking about for many years to come.