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Four tech solutions to create a better hotel guest experience

Four tech solutions to create a better hotel guest experience

Sometimes it’s the details that make the big differences, and not always or only visually, but in terms of comfort and convenience. This would be the case of hotels, for example, since one of the most important decisions before making a trip, whether on holiday or for work. The hotel chosen will be the place where the guest can relax, rest and enjoy a stay in which he/she feels at ease, safe and whose design has a positive influence on the guest’s experience during the days he/she stays in the hotel.

Below you will find information on various technological implementations that enhance the experience in terms of comfort and safety. Companies such as Omnitec Systems specialize in the development, manufacturing and marketing of locks, minibars, access controls and safes, among others. It is a company that manufactures and offers solutions for hotels and holiday homes, among other sectors, always focusing on the most appropriate and minimalist design possible that enhances the guest experience and the feeling of luxury.

The use of electronic locks and their management via Bluetooth, online and card or even directly via smartphone, as well as safes and minibars, are clear examples of high-tech solutions for the hospitality industry.

Electronic Hotel Locks
There are several models of electronic locks made exclusively and especially for the hotel sector. You can find locks that work via Bluetooth, with Smartphone, proximity hotel locks and electronic locks with keypad and Bluetooth.

All these types of electronic locks have one thing in common: they guarantee the highest level of security in hotels or offices, and can be used electronically or manually, thus offering both guests and employees a sense of comfort and security in the hotel.

Among the Bluetooth locks, there is a wide variety of locks that differ in design and features, for example: The EVO electronic hotel lock is characterised by its minimalist design. This model integrates the mechanical lock and electronic components inside the door, so that the external reader design can be incorporated into any kind of decorative style.

On the other hand, the Gaudi Ble model has a traditional escutcheon designed to be laid over the doors of hotel rooms and common areas without affecting the Bluetooth lock operation and respecting and maintaining a very elegant aesthetic line. In this sense, Omnitec Systems also offers electronic Locks with proximity and numerical code, among Mifare proximity electronic hotel locks.

Energy Saving and Comfort
It is clear that the main purpose of these high-tech electronic devices is to ensure safety above all, but it is also important to make a commitment to the environment and to contribute to energy saving in the hotel sector, without affecting the comfort of the users, but rather as a factor that helps to reduce costs without having to renounce any kind of facility.

The Energy Saver Simple for hotel rooms is a series of independent energy saver that can save you up to 30% in electricity consumption in the rooms where they are installed. This energy saver simply operates with any card.

Hotel Minibar
In this section, it should be noted that there are different models of minibars, as they can be characterised as absorption minibars, minibars with silent compressor and a thermoabsorption hotel minibar. There is also a variety of sizes and designs that cover all types of needs according to the preferences of the hotel concerned.

A good example is the Absorption Hotel Minibar Pure model, which combines a modern and elegant interior design with advanced technology components such as a large diffuser and a smart thermostat that cannot be adjusted by the guest, among other features. In addition, it is a totally silent minibar with multiple interior features such as an electronic interior LED.

Hotel Safe
A safe in your hotel room allows you to leave with peace of mind without worrying about theft. There is a wide variety of models with different installation options and features depending on the needs and preferences of the hotel. Specifically, Omnitec Systems offers 5 technological levels, 3 opening formats and 7 sizes, plus the different available complements that allow the hotel sector to offer the highest security from a simple installation.

For example, the Hotel Safe Safeguard model offers the highest security at an economical price and is not at all complex to install. It opens and closes with a 2 to 8 digit code and mechanical knob. It is available in different sizes and various accessories can be added as an option.