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5 Experiences not to miss in Melbourne

5 Experiences not to miss in Melbourne

It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling internationally, live in Australia and want to experience a new city or are a resident of Melbourne and decided to skip the holiday this year due to COVID-19, the cultural capital of the continent has no shortage of experiences to excite any type of traveller. If you’re looking for a fun and unique getaway, look no further. Here are five amazing things to experience in Melbourne.

The Food
Being the cultural hub of Australia, Melbourne is a bit of a melting pot, which comes across in the wide array of food experiences in the city. While you’ll certainly find yourself face-to-face with some Aussie classics, you can also experience a diverse platter of interesting cuisines. For local travellers, this means you don’t even need to get across the ocean to experience the beautiful tastes of a foreign country. In fact, the Argentinian restaurant, Palermo, is considered the best restaurant in Melbourne, so you can rest assured that the quality won’t let you down.

The Wine
Bursting with diverse wine regions, the Melbourne area has something to offer for every kind of connoisseur. There’s Yarra Valley, Geelong, Macedon Ranges and so many more wineries to tour and sample some of the most excellent wines you’ll ever come across. Paired with a charcuterie board and a stunning view, what cries ‘relaxing getaway’ more than this?

The Art and History
Melbourne sports more than a hundred different art galleries across the city, ranging from big names like NVG International to small, privately owned galleries that will blow you away. You can also look into the rich history and heritage in the city by visiting some sites like Flinders Street Station, St Paul’s Cathedral and Old Melbourne Gaol. Finally, there are some stunning museums to check out including the Lyon Housemuseum, the Islamic Museum of Australia, and if you’re interested in something a little different, ScienceWorks.

The Wildlife
From mind-blowing sunsets to snorkelling to stunning indigenous plants and animals, the nature on offer in Melbourne is nothing short of phenomenal. Squeeze in some time in the great outdoors into your itinerary by visiting the walking trails at Tower Hill. Here you can meet koala bears and learn about Aboriginal history while soaking up some Vitamin D. Another outdoor activity to try out is a boat tour in Port Phillip Bay where you can snorkel and frolic in the waves. And if you’re not in the mood for being quite so active, lounge around on one of the gorgeous beach fronts: an idyllic tropical holiday.

The Music
Although the pandemic has put a damper on large events and gatherings, the bustling Melbourne scene still clings to the endless good vibes found in a good old music festival. There are a few outstanding festivals scheduled for 2021 and 2022, so it’s a great idea to support the struggling music industry by buying some tickets to the Port Fairy Spring Festival, Queenscliff Music Festival or Melbourne Music Week, to name but a few of the incredible options.