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Experiencing Thrills Beyond Speed: A Journey Through the Rides of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Experiencing Thrills Beyond Speed: A Journey Through the Rides of Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Nestled in the heart of the Arabian desert, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi stands as a testament to the fusion of automotive excellence and thrilling entertainment. This iconic theme park, located on Yas Island in the United Arab Emirates, is a haven for adrenaline junkies and automotive enthusiasts alike. Home to a plethora of record-breaking rides, Ferrari World offers an immersive experience that combines the exhilarating world of Formula One racing with the allure of a world-class amusement park. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most iconic and exhilarating rides that await visitors at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi.

Formula Rossa: The Speed of Sound
At the heart of Ferrari World lies the crown jewel - the Formula Rossa. Regarded as the world’s fastest roller coaster, this ride catapults passengers from 0 to 149.1 mph (240 km/h) in just 4.9 seconds, recreating the sensation of being in an actual Formula One race car. The ride’s unique design incorporates safety goggles to protect riders from the intense wind force at such high speeds. As adrenaline rushes through your veins, you’ll experience the unparalleled thrill of racing through the desert landscape, making Formula Rossa an absolute must for thrill-seekers.

Flying Aces: Defying Gravity
For those who yearn for a blend of heart-pounding drops and invigorating twists, the Flying Aces roller coaster is the ultimate choice. As the world’s highest roller coaster loop, Flying Aces elevates riders to a height of 208 feet (63 meters) before plunging them into a series of daring maneuvers. The ride’s bi-plane theme is inspired by the legendary Italian flying ace, Count Francesco Baracca, whose prancing horse insignia now graces Ferrari’s emblem. A mix of intense speed and unparalleled views of the park make this coaster an experience that’s as breathtaking as it is exhilarating.

Turbo Track: A Vertical Thrill
Turbo Track redefines the concept of roller coasters by featuring a vertical launch and a heart-stopping drop. This unique ride combines the exhilaration of a coaster with the suspense of a free-fall drop. Riders are propelled through the park’s iconic red roof before plummeting back down to ground level, defying gravity at every turn. Turbo Track is an example of how Ferrari World Abu Dhabi consistently pushes the boundaries of amusement park engineering to deliver an unforgettable experience.


Fiorano GT Challenge: A Duel of Speed
Inspired by Ferrari’s historic test track, the Fiorano GT Challenge invites visitors to a side-by-side racing experience aboard dueling coasters. The ride simulates a thrilling race between two GT-style Ferrari F430 Spiders, each taking different paths. As the two coasters twist, turn, and accelerate, passengers experience an intense competition that adds an extra layer of excitement to the park’s attractions.

Karting Academy: Unleash Your Inner Racer
For visitors who want to feel like true racers, the Karting Academy offers a chance to put their driving skills to the test on a replica of the Yas Marina Circuit. With both junior and adult kart options, this attraction caters to all age groups. The Karting Academy perfectly complements Ferrari World’s theme, allowing guests to channel their inner race car driver and compete against friends and family in a friendly but thrilling race.


Ferrari World Abu Dhabi isn’t just an amusement park; it’s a celebration of speed, innovation, and the passion for automotive excellence. With its collection of record-breaking rides, each designed to evoke the spirit of Ferrari’s racing heritage, visitors are guaranteed an unforgettable experience. From the heart-pounding speeds of Formula Rossa to the gravity-defying twists of Flying Aces, every ride at Ferrari World encapsulates the essence of Ferrari’s legacy and the thrill of a true racing adventure. So, whether you’re a motorsport enthusiast, a thrill-seeker, or a family looking for a unique experience, Ferrari World Abu Dhabi promises a day filled with excitement, speed, and memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s no wonder that this unique fast paced theme park wins so many awards, in 2022, The World Travel Awards voted the park the World’s Leading Theme Park and the Middle East’s Leading Theme Park, quite a statement!

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