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Experience the aristocracy of a country home in a St. Martin villa

Experience the aristocracy of a country home in a St. Martin villa

St. Martin’s value is ten-fold, and its duality makes it more unique than other Caribbean islands. St. Martin is divided into two parts: the northern part of the island, St. Martin, is ruled by the French government, and the southern part, St. Maarten, is ruled by the Netherland government. Both St. Martin and St. Maarten are distinguished by a “Welcome” sign. The island is about 37 miles wide, and travelling from St. Maarten to St. Martin feels like driving between two friendly neighborhoods.

In St. Martin, you will find serenity and calmness; in St. Maarten, you can get swept up in the hustle and bustle of a big city with shopping and nightlife. Both the tranquility and excitement come to a standstill when you visit the island’s beaches. With 37 beaches, it’s easy to find warm sand, crystal clear water, local bars, and mouth-watering restaurants. Each beach is about a square mile, and some are more secluded than others. St. Martin’s world-class experience is a fantasy for many, so start planning your visit!

When to go:
St. Martin hosts most of its tourists during the months of February and March. The French side celebrates Carnival during the month of February, and the Netherland side hosts the Heineken Regatta at the beginning of March. The island holds people from all over the world spellbound with its wide attractions during this time of the year.

The weather is soothing year-round, but during late May to mid-November, expect some rain.

Where to stay:
St. Martin villas offer warm stays that combine world-class luxury with plenty of amenities. From Hollywood stars to the common man, St Martin’s villas are an abode for all. Plus, there’s a villa for every budget and pocket. St. Martin is perfect for any occasion, from honeymoons to large family getaways, and choosing a perfect St. Martin villa for your event is an easy task. There are many websites that can help you choose and rent your dream villa.

Many of the St. Martin Villas are situated near the beach, which lets you experience the beach at any time of the day. The villas are categorized by the amount of people they accommodate and the amenities they offer. The price varies within these criteria. Beachfront villas are usually more expensive than villas that are near the beach. Luxurious villas are located at many beaches- from Cupecoy Beach (considered the jewel of Caribbean) on the Dutch side to Plum Bay Beach on the French side. St. Martin’s 37 unique beaches have numerous villas for experiencing life on the island. Most of the villas come with a private pool, so guests can take their sweet time in the water while you and your significant other spend quality time together. If you go with your friends, a villa near the beach is a great way to enjoy the aura of St. Martin. Whether you visit St. Martin with your friends or family, the villas won’t disappoint.