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Depositphotos Reveals Top 10 Trends That Will Shape Visual Communication In 2018

Depositphotos Reveals Top 10 Trends That Will Shape Visual Communication In 2018

Depositphotos released its Visual Trends Forecast for 2018. The global photography marketplace analyzed search data within its library of more than 70 million files, monitored major brands’ communications worldwide, and collaborated with its top photographers, identifying the major trends that will shape visual communication in 2018.

The ubiquity of smartphones with powerful cameras, live streaming, and other technology advancements are paving the road towards a new aesthetic that is more open, honest and relatable. Through the next year, we will see further growth of the following trends:

• Impact photography battling fake news.
• Real people’ and a new approach to selecting models.
• The modern nomad lifestyle reflected in travel photography.
• Deadpan photography as a cool, detached form of art.
• Video as a tool of communication.
• Motion as a new norm for graphics.
• Augmented reality and latest technological advances integrated into daily life.
• Creative collages.
• Brave color choices and effects.
• Inclusive photography.
• Depositphotos predicts a continuing shift towards a more filtered-down aesthetics and a more personalized approach to stock photography. Earlier this year, the company presented its creative collaboration “Reinventing Stock Photography”, where talented art-photographers from different genres provided their own take on the most common stock imagery topics.

“Although visual trends may seem like something only photographers and designers should be interested in, it is a wider topic connected with technology, business, social communications, and advertising industry,” said Vadim Nekhai, CMO of Depositphotos. “Visual content shapes the way we present ourselves, brands and companies; it influences our communication and constantly changes with the development of new technologies. At Depositphotos, we continuously monitor, analyze and anticipate emerging visual trends and technologies to help our clients respond to these industry changes in a most effective way.”

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