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Converting the Masses – Using Social Media to Improve Customer Conversion

Converting the Masses – Using Social Media to Improve Customer Conversion

This is a copy of my presentation at the Adventure Travel World Summit.  Ofcourse you lose the audio content that goes with it, but you get the gist. I’ve added an outline of the slides along with some commentary that adds context to the slides.

Using Social Media Techniques to Improve Customer Conversion

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  1.  Converting the Masses Converting customers using social media strategies. Stephen Joyce, CEO (A Division of Sentias Software Corp.)

  2. Social Media Fallacies


  3. 1. Social Media is a FAD

  4. FALSE

  5. 113 million blogs… & over 250 million pieces of tagged social media.

  6. 300 Million Users on Facebook & 50% log in EVERY DAY

  7. 2. Social Media is FREE

  8. FALSE

  9. “Social Media trades media cost for time cost.” Charlene Li, Forrester Research

  10. 3. Social Media is FAST

  11. FALSE

  12. Social media is about creating relationships that can take months or even years to develop.

  13. 4. Social Media is FACEBOOK

  14. FALSE

  15. Social media is not about any ONE tool or site, it is about the philosophy behind the use of the tool & your goals for using it.

  16. Source: Roots of Fear

  17. Customer Conversion Strategies

  18. Awareness > Consideration > Action : In other words your customers become aware of your brand or products, they consider them against other similar products in terms of how they fit their needs, and then they take action by purchasing your product, contacting you or completing some other conversion.

  19. Traffic > Content > Call to Action : Websites follow the conversion process by building awareness through traffic to branded content, whether it is your website, a Flickr photo, a Youtube video or any other branded asset. The traffic then considers the content that you provide and then execute a call to action that you provide.  The call to action can be anything from a simple contact form or email to completing a booking.

  20. Dream > Plan > Go : The conversion funnel also relates to the travel purchase life cycle.  The dream phase is when the customer becomes aware of the brand and begins to build a dream vacation around it.  The brand may be a destination or a particular activity.  The planning phase is when the customer considers the options and begins to build their itinerary.  The Go phase is the call to action and in this case involves the purchase of the travel products and the eventual travel itself.

  21. What are YOU Doing? I asked the audience what types of conversion processes they use currently.

  22. 1 Inspire through Storytelling

  23. 2 Share your Expertise

  24. 3 Become the Authority

  25. 4 Let go of your need for Control

  26. 5 Empower Your Customers Let THEM share

  27. 5 Minute Social Media SMACKDOWN : I asked the audience to present their conversion strategies and then we discussed
how social media could be applied to the strategy to improve it.

  28. What is Out There? In the Travel Social media Universe

  29. How I found tourabout A practical social media example

  30. Social Marketplace Travelers ask questions & suppliers answer. Suppliers gain social equity by being identified as experts in their market and by sharing their expertise.

  31. Melissa asks A question. Chad Answers it.

  32. And market Chad’s Chad gets to products Answers talk about appear on his his company. profile page

  33. Chad creates once and publishes to multiple sites.

  34. Brilliantly Simple Engage with the customer during the dream stage and influence their decision making early.

  35. Thank you

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