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China moves into the spotlight as Ordos gears up for Miss World 2012

China moves into the spotlight as Ordos gears up for Miss World 2012

China is gearing up for the opening ceremony of Miss World which is set to take place in Ordos on July 24th with the grand final taking place on August 18th.

40,000 people within the brand new Dongsheng stadium in Ordos will gather to watch many of China’s leading stars join an international cast in welcoming Miss World to Inner Mongolia.

Spectators will also be able to donate money online towards the Beauty with a Purpose cause. This new Miss World feature will allow thousands of people to become a part of the Miss World experience.

Ordos is one of the twelve major subdivisions of Inner Mongolia, China. It is located within the Ordos Loop of the Yellow River. Although mainly rural, Ordos is administered as a prefecture-level city.

“Ordos” means “palaces” in the Mongolian language. Ordos is known for its lavish government projects, including the new Ordos City, a city of exquisite buildings and abundant infrastructure seldom used by residents.


The Miss World ceremony is expected to have a positive impact on the destination as it moves into the spotlight.

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Miss World unveils new website

Ahead of the China celebrations, Miss World is launching a brand new website that to offer visitors the chance to become fully interactive with the Miss World contest in real time.

The new site includes improved navigation, enhanced visuals, and exciting new content.

The new homepage highlights key information and allow users to browse Miss World’s breadth of content more easily.

Redesigned menus enable visitors to quickly locate the information they want, whilst providing a more compelling opportunity to discover something new.

In order to contribute to and capitalise on the buzz and excitement that surrounds Miss World events during contest time, the new site has an increased focus on the concept of real time interaction, and instant reaction.

“We will be aligning our social media offerings, bringing Miss World’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presence together in one place for the first time,” explains a spokesperson for Miss World.

“Our aim is to provide a slick and efficient digital product with the tools to enable our online and social community to develop and interact in real time throughout the contest.”

Multimedia award component launched

Contestants from a record 120 countries each have a dedicated section of the site where they can introduce visitors in their own language and allow fans and users to experience the contest through the eyes of each contestant for the very first time.

Fans can share information and interact with Miss World contestants and other fans and site visitors via embedded social media feeds on the website, creating an innovative and exciting multimedia interaction.

New for the Miss World 2012 contest is a multimedia award component. Every other day throughout the duration of the contest, contestants will be given the opportunity to present and upload a video to the site. This will begin with our visit to Hong Kong from the 25th - 28th July.

Contestants will be able to tell their own stories by uploading videos, images and messages as part of a new Miss World Fast Track Event which will earn them marks towards the Miss World final scoreboard.

The contestant presentations will also allow fans to follow and interact with all of the Miss World contestants as they tour Hong Kong and China in the build up to the Miss World Final on the 18th August.