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Breaking Travel News investigates: The Peruvian cuisine taking over the world

Breaking Travel News investigates: The Peruvian cuisine taking over the world

Peruvian cuisine is a wonderful mix of unique ingredients and exciting flavours, all weaved together into all sorts of colourful creativity.

An incredibly diverse gastronomy born from a startling amount of native ingredients; from Amazonian exotic fruits, to rich Andean grains, and exceptional fish, seafood and vegetables from the coastal valleys along the Pacific Ocean.

A land of unique delicacies recognised by its biodiversity, home to the super foods with exceptional properties which contribute to the wellness of the body.

Healthy, nutritious and delicious, they are definitely a delight for the palate.

In recent years, Peru has become a worldwide renowned gastronomic epicentre.

Its talented chefs have taken Peruvian cuisine to great heights, earning its spot in the refined culinary area.

This is why, for six years in a row, Peru has won World’s Leading Culinary Destination at the World Travel Awards and is home to three of the Fifty Best Restaurants in the world: Central, Astrid & Gaston, and Maido.

Here are the top ten Peruvian specialties you will be obsessed with:

Ceviche: The cool and refreshing national dish served with raw fish marinated in citrus juice, and accompanied by red onions, chili peppers and sweet potatoes. It will spice up your life!

Lomo saltado: A culinary delight influenced by the distinctive flavours of the Chinese cuisine, prepared with chunks of meat sautéed with onions, tomato and soy sauce.

Anticuchos: A popular street food traditionally prepared with pieces of flavourful beef heart marinated in a special hot red pepper sauce.

Causa Rellena: Mashed yellow potato, ground yellow ají pepper and lemon juice enliven the causa, a smooth tasty dough, which can be stuffed as the chef pleases, an iconic Peruvian dish.

Pachamanca: A homage for the Pachamama or Mother Earth, this ancient Inca dish combines layers of meat, potatoes and herbs covered with plantain leaves and cooked in an underground earth oven. A deeply rooted flavour of Peru!

Juane: One of the Amazon’s most iconic dishes. A rice tamale served with chicken, eggs, olives, sachaculantro (jungle coriander) and tree tomatoes wrapped in bijao leaves.

Quinoa Solterito: A delicious dish combining the golden Andean grain “quinoa” with fava beans, corn, olives, onions, hot pepper and chunks of cheese with a lemon and herb dressing.

Stuffed Rocoto: A signature dish of Arequipa city prepared with hot red peppers baked and stuffed with a mixture of ground meat, raisins cheese and olives blanketed with a generous slab of melted cheese.

Picarones: Peruvian beignets made of sweet potato and local squash dough topped with a delicious cane syrup called chancaca. After savouring Picarones, you will never crave doughnuts again!

Pisco: Bottom’s up with Pisco! The flagship beverage of Peru. A unique and incomparable grape distilled spirit with seductive aroma and captivating taste.

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Let your taste buds be seduced by the single most important cuisine in the world.

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