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Breaking Travel News investigates: Habitat Apartments

Breaking Travel News investigates: Habitat Apartments

Habitat Apartments was founded in 2001 and is an apartment rental company based in Barcelona, Spain.

The company started out with only four employees supervising ten apartments.

Over a span of 16 years, Habitat Apartments has grown and now has up to 30 employees and over 500 apartments in eight different cities in Europe – Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam, Rome, Venice, Florence, Valencia and Marbella.

Focusing on core values, excellent customer service, quality management and professionalism, as well as a carefully selected variety of apartments, they were able to set themselves apart from the competitors.

Their capacity to constantly improve service and quality has been recognised through being the winner of the title of Spain’s Leading Serviced Apartment Brand at the World Travel Awards for four years in a row since 2014.

Habitat Apartments is seeking to defend the title again this year at the Europe Gala Ceremony which will take place in Athens, Greece on June 30th.

To achieve these great results, Habitat Apartments intends to continue differentiating itself and work harder each year to constantly improve its processes targeted towards customer service; taking care to ensure guests are comfortable during their stay, offering services for extra convenience (like food packs on arrival, airport transfer services, and special celebratory gifts), tours and touristic information, taking notice of guest reviews and suggestions, a team of staff available 24 hours a day, and a personalised welcome available in different languages.

At the moment they are mostly focused on expanding and improving their existing selection of apartments.

They have increased their portfolio with brand new apartment buildings including the Jazz Bcn apartments, two complexes decorated with the look and feel of two genres of jazz music, blue for cool jazz and red for hot jazz.

The main objective is to offer apartments in many cities but keeping a series of quality standards and guaranteeing a high level of customer service.

They want to differentiate themselves by putting emphasis on quality as opposed to concentrating on offering the most apartments possible.

Habitat Apartments has also learned over the past years that as well as quality being important it is also fundamental to maintain a professional management of the apartments. Most guests value knowing that there are professionals available to respond at any time in case they have an emergency in the apartment during their stay.

Their customer base is mainly leisure travellers which is their main target market and from where they receive most demand.

In 2017 they welcomed guests from 107 different countries who stayed on average 4.7 nights. They were mainly from United Kingdom and United States, but they also receive many guests from France, Germany and The Netherlands.

However, in the MICE trade Habitat Apartments is increasingly assisting businesses requiring short to mid-term accommodation for their business needs, and prefer apartment accommodation as opposed to a hotel, especially for longer stays.

There is more demand from companies for accommodation services during events and congresses particularly in Barcelona and Madrid. Habitat Apartments offers apartment buildings very close to the exhibition centres such as Fira of Barcelona and the International Convention Centre. For example, the Adn or Blanca apartment buildings are perfect for people who want to be close to the Fira Exhibition Centre.

Furthermore, they have fostered good working relationships with several businesses who they regularly assist to cover their accommodation needs throughout the year.

Habitat Apartments predict that over the coming years companies will start to use apartments more as an alternative to hotel accommodation for their business trips.

The main advantages for a company include the extra room which apartments can offer as well as the benefit of using the apartment as a working space and are particularly good for longer stays given the fact that an apartment offers a complete living space with kitchen for added flexibility.

Also, two to three-bedroom apartments are a convenient option for stays for a group of business colleagues who are travelling for work events or congresses, basically as a more functional option than booking separate hotel rooms.

World Travel Awards

The World Travel Awards are a great value for Habitat Apartments as they distinguish the company in what they have always aimed for: quality and differentiation.

They endorse their image and add value to the Habitat Apartments brand, something which is very important to their clients.

These awards are a stamp of guarantee for guests, help strengthen the image and is a motivation to continue working to improve.

One thing is for sure: Habitat Apartments is not ready to let go of their 1st place just yet!

Supporting Habitat Apartments in the race to keep the title of Spain’s Leading Serviced Apartment Brand is acknowledging their effort of differentiating in quality of accommodation and service.

You can vote for Habitat Apartments for Spain’s Leading Serviced Apartment Brand 2018 until May 20th here.