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Breaking Travel News interview: Sarah Friedrich, sales manager leisure, A-ROSA Resorts

Breaking Travel News interview: Sarah Friedrich, sales manager leisure, A-ROSA Resorts Sarah Friedrich, centre, celebrates with World Travel Awards senior vice president Chris Frost at the Conrad Algarve

A-ROSA Finest Hideaway Resorts was among the big winners at the recent World Travel Awards Europe Gala Ceremony in Portugal.

Hosted by Conrad Algarve, the event recognised the leading lights of European tourism, with Sport & Spa Resort A-ROSA Scharmutzelsee taking the title of Germany’s Leading Golf Resort, while Grand Spa Resort A-ROSA Travemünde walked off with the prize for Germany’s Leading Spa Resort.

Here Breaking Travel News sits down with Sarah Friedrich, sales manager leisure, A-ROSA Finest Hideaway Resorts, to see what the victories mean for the brand.

Breaking Travel News: Can you tell us how it feels to have won these prestigious honours at the World Travel Awards?

Sarah Friedrich: The success of the hotel group - with its four A-ROSA resorts and two boutique hotels - is absolutely outstanding.

It is an honour to be awarded, for the third time, the title of Germany’s Leading Spa Resort for the Grand SPA A-ROSA Travemünde, which is located at the Baltic Sea.

Guests will here discover a hideaway, mixing the historical charm of the restored original buildings, with the amenities of the greatest Thalasso Therapy Center in the northern parts of Germany.

Golfing fanatics will find their very own paradise in Germany’s Leading Golf Resort, the A-ROSA Resort at the beautiful lake Scharmützelsee.

Close to Berlin, the property has three 18-hole-golf courses and one nine-hole course, while the resort is recognised as a five star golfing superior facility.

Grand Spa Resort A-ROSA Travemünde is recognised as Germany’s Leading Spa Resort

BTN: Do you feel the awards are recognised by travel consumers in Europe? Will you be using the titles in your marketing at all?

SF: The awards have a high reputation all over the world - for customers and partners.

Carrying the brand of the World Travel Awards underlines the quality and success of the A-ROSA Finest Hideaway Resorts.

We are very proud our partner within the group, Hotel Paradies, Ftan, Switzerland, was this year awarded, for the first time, the title of Switzerland’s Leading Boutique Hotel.

This provides great exposure for the whole group.

Sport & Spa Resort A-ROSA Scharmutzelsee took the title of Germany’s Leading Golf Resort at the World Travel Awards earlier this month

BTN: What do you think it is that separates your brand from competitors in the central European marketplace?

SF: A-ROSA Finest Hideaway Resorts is a very special and individual group of four exclusive hideaway resorts.

We focus on our three essential pillars: offering the most modern and holistic spa and wellness concepts; offering creative cuisine in selected Michelin starred restaurants; and providing for the guests the most challenging and renowned golfing facilities. 

Together with its two partner hotels (Louis C. Jacob in Hamburg and Hotel Paradies in Ftan, Switzerland) the group is achieving the highest levels of hospitality and fulfilling the needs of very discerning travellers in every single way.

BTN: Can you tell us what plans you have in place for the next 12 months to ensure that A-ROSA comes back to successfully defend its titles at the World Travel Awards next year?

SF: We try to maintain the high level of quality we have established. Through innovative concepts and visionary people we go a very special and unique way to succeed.

This is appreciated by our partners world wide, all of whom are also essential to our success.

Next year is going to be an exciting year for the A-ROSA resorts and partner hotels - full of expansion, new ideas and improvements.

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