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Breaking Travel News interview: Mikael Hall, owner, Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden

Breaking Travel News interview: Mikael Hall, owner, Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden

Situated on the island of Mallorca, Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden has been recognised among the best hotels in Europe by the World Travel Awards. Here we chat with Mikael Hall, owner of the property, to find out more

Breaking Travel News: Congratulations - Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden has been honoured with the title of Europe’s Leading All-Suite Hotel by the World Travel Awards. How does it feel to have won?

Mikael Hall: Hugely grateful - obtaining this award when it has not been two years since we opened our doors for the first time, and considering how complicated this year has been, is an incredible milestone for us.

BTN: How useful are accolades such as the World Travel Awards trophy in promoting the hotel to a global hospitality market?


MH: Although restrictions on international connections are currently in place, we trust that, when these disappear, having been recognised as the best all-suite hotel in Europe will encourage a large number of international travellers to come and meet us.

BTN: What was it that caught the eye of voters, what separates Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden in Spain and across Europe?

MH: One of the factors has undoubtedly been the magic of our 24 suites, each of which is between 30 and 80 square meters in size.

They are all different, but they maintain the same common thread based on an absolutely cinematic look.

This design, which combines the beautification of the passage of time with avant-garde elements, is noticeable in every corner of Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden, achieving a unique product, with its own personality, which captures all visitors from the very first moment.

BTN: How would you describe the Spanish hospitality market in late 2020 – are we seeing any signs of a sustained recovery moving into next year?

MH: We are one of the few hotels in Mallorca, and in the capital, Palma, that has chosen to remain open during the winter.

We have done it out of responsibility, both with our staff and with the visitors who continue to arrive on the island, even if it is a trickle.

We believe that as soon as air connections are re-established, and when the restrictions imposed by some of the governments of our main issuing markets are removed, the situation will improve considerably.

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Hidden behind a modest facade on a sleepy street in the centre of Palma lies Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden.

Its interior plays host to a world of, almost, cinematic scenes where its guests will completely forget about the outside world.

Find out more on the official website.