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Breaking Travel News interview: Joseph Rijo Boswell, senior vice president, sales, Mystifly

Breaking Travel News interview: Joseph Rijo Boswell, senior vice president, sales, Mystifly

Mystifly is preparing to launch its latest technological innovation, xClusive Sabre Red App - a GDS App.

Here Breaking Travel News catches up with Mystifly senior vice president, sales, Joseph Rijo Boswell to discuss the latest innovation and what it brings to the online aviation space.

Breaking Travel News: Mystifly is preparing to launch its latest technological innovation, xClusive Sabre Red App - a GDS App. What can you tell us about the new programme?

Joseph Rijo Boswell: Yes, expanding our repertoire of travel technology solutions, we are launching xClusive Red App, a GDS App that can be used to source our global consolidator airfare inventory within Sabre interface itself.

Currently we have introduced this plugin for Sabre users as a Sabre Red App that can, by using the same GDS commands, search and source the best negotiated and B2B consolidator airfares of over 70 countries including 170 odd LCC carriers on the same GDS screen.

BTN: Who is the app aimed at? Who do you expect to be downloading it?

JRB: The xClusive Red App is meant for travel organisations using Sabre as a GDS access be it a travel agent, tour operator or a TMC who are trying to source the best available air fares through the GDS.

As you know, most LCC content currently is not available through a GDS and also sourcing the best available airfare in different markets is a costly and time consuming activity.

But with the xClusive Red App, one can simply search and ticket the best alternative airfare product on the same GDS screen without going to another window.

We believe that anybody who wishes to continue using the GDS screen and the familiar GDS commands will see tremendous value in this app and will want to use it to access richer content from multiple sources all on one screen.

BTN: The app will be launched at Sabre Travel Technology Exchange 2016, taking place in Miami later this month. How important is this event for Mystifly?

JRB: Sabre TTX is one of the most important travel technology event that brings the best Sabre customers from across the world and a platform where the best solutions around the Sabre eco-system is showcased.

To be part of this event and to be launching xClusive as part of the Sabre eco-system is a matter of great pride and also the perfect launch platform for us.

We will be show casing our product here so that Sabre users can get hands on experience on how our xClusive Red App would benefit them to source global airfares.

BTN: What is the relationship between Mystifly and Sabre; how have you co-operated on the development of the new app?

JRB: Sabre has been a GDS with a lot of focus on creating value differentiators for their customers across the world and that is why Sabre has been promoting their Red App ecosystem for developing third party solutions for delivering complimentary services.

Mystifly is a global airfare marketplace consolidating global airfares on a single technology platform.

We believe that we will be able to add and create value for Sabre customers by being able to bring in content from across the world that is easily accessible for Sabre’s customers.

The xClusive Red App on Sabre has been a result of very intense collaborative efforts with the Sabre team with a lot of inputs from them at various stages before being certified by Sabre for its use by their customers.

BTN: How has the new app been received by those who have had a chance to use it to date?

JRB: We are obviously very excited with the reviews and feedbacks that we have received so far with the few customers to whom we have demonstrated the product so far.

While the product will be formally launched during the TTX event, we already have sizeable enquiries from our customers wanting to know more about the features and the technical aspects.

We hope to address a larger audience at the event and get a live feedback after the hands on experience of Sabre users at the event.

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