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Breaking Travel News interview: Delleriece Hall, general manager, LIME Turks & Caicos

Breaking Travel News interview: Delleriece Hall, general manager, LIME Turks & Caicos

LIME was the first to connect the Caribbean people, governments and businesses with best in class telecoms networks across broadband, fixed and mobile services.

Today the company remains a telecoms tour de force, unmatched in every market we serve in the Caribbean as the sole full service ‘go to’ provider.

Having recently linked with the World Travel Awards ahead of the upcoming Caribbean & North America Gala Ceremony 2015, Breaking Travel News editor Chris O’Toole sits down with LIME Turks & Caicos managing director Delleriece Hall to discuss her recent appointment and the future of telecommunications
in the Caribbean.

Breaking Travel News: Firstly, congratulations. I understand your appointment to the role of general manager with Lime Turks & Caicos has recently been finalised. How does it feel to take on the top job?

Delleriece Hall:  I feel both humbled and honoured at the same time to take up the new role. 

I am truly grateful yet humbled to be chosen for such a role especially being appointed as the first female general manger for LIME Turks & Caicos.

With the help of my LIME TCI team I plan to lead the team forward in providing excellent Telecommunications services here in the TCI.

I would like to thank Cable and Wireless for giving me the opportunity to serve in this capacity where I hope to continue to bring good service to the people of TCI and to partner with them in common endeavours.

BTN: What changes can we expect to see at the organisation under your leadership?

DH: Firstly, I would like to say that this is a time for really stabilising the organisation and building on the good work that LIME has been doing over the years.

I would like to focus more on our customers to deliver the best customer experience throughout the TCI while also focusing on keeping our company stable financially.

Focus on employee development and adequate training.

Additionally I would also like to give back to the community, not only in donations and sponsorships but with more community services and involvement from our LIME staff. 

I can’t emphasise enough on the importance of always looking for ways to impact customer service and that this will always be on the top of my agenda; also looking for ways to build on the good relationships I have developed with government and customers and most of all listening to customer feedback and taking those seriously.

BTN: You have been with the parent Cable & Wireless for nineteen years now. How has the telecoms sector changed during that time?

DH: I would say the telecoms industry has changed tremendously over the past nineteen years.

When I joined Cable & Wireless many years ago, we were exposed to landlines, then to introduction of the cellphone which gave the customers voice dialling.

Today we now have both voice and data features on our smart devices.

Technology changes every day it evolves, through great data speeds for example we have recently increased our data plans to the home through our superfast broadband speeds.

Additional to that we have just rolled our superfast 4G LTE services on mobile devices.

This means faster more reliable and convenient internet both at home and also on your mobile devices.

We offer faster delivery in service as one of the main achievements.

No days it takes minutes for a customer to have mobile service; available of on line chat, requesting service by e-mail, doing more businesses through telephone and other electronic means, cutting down wait time and giving back valuable time to customers to invest in their own business.

BTN: How important do you think cutting edge telecommunications are for a relatively small community like the Turks & Caicos Islands?

DH: The Turks & Caicos is not as small as we may think.

We now have a very diverse culture with the mixture of other nationalities living and working among us.

Additionally Turks & Caicos has been awarded the Best Beach in the world and Best Caribbean Country in the world, this therefore means we have had an increase in tourists over the years.

With that increase, tourists while vacationing would want to browse, stream, keeping in touch with love ones back home, download and game.

Hence cutting edge telecommunications is extremely important to these Islands to deliver the very best experience to our valued customers both in voice (dialling) and data usage.

I would like to encourage TCI customers to really capitalise on the opportunities that telecommunications provide to small communities like ours. 

Taking advantage of the fact that they can benefit from of ease of doing business, conducting financial transactions in real time, the whole virtual opportunities it affords us in that you do not have to be on site or physically present in TCI in order to conduct business.

I would like to emphasise on the savings that video conferencing provides and the opportunity for persons in different time zones to easily connect.

Lastly I would like to mention our focus on e-marketing and encourage all businesses to have websites and to trade on line take advantage of off-site business opportunities that exist outside the borders of TCI.

BTN: You’ve wasted no time in the job, already closing a prestigious deal, with LIME taking the role of Co-Sponsor of the upcoming World Travel Awards Caribbean & North America Gala Ceremony. What ambitions do you have the event?

DH: I am so exciting for the opportunity to work with partners such as the World Travel Awards organisation to achieve the objectives of this ceremony, including broadcasting the events, providing connectivity for the partners to conduct their business while on islands and providing the ability to showcase the best of TCI in terms of services and the fact that a small community can deliver world class service like anywhere else in the world.