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Breaking Travel News interview: Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort & Spa

Breaking Travel News interview: Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort & Spa

With Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort & Spa having been recognised as among the best in Asia by the World Travel Awards, Breaking Travel News here catches up with owners, Simon and Elaine Wallace, to discover more about this one-of-a-kind property

Breaking Travel News: Congratulations - Bunaken Oasis Dive Resort & Spa has just been honoured with the title of Indonesia’s Leading Dive Resort at the World Travel Awards - how does it feel to have won?

Simon and Elaine Wallace: We are delighted to have won Indonesia’s Leading Dive Resort for the third year in succession. 

In recent years, we have tried to raise the profile and reputation of Bunaken and to help to establish this incredible location as a luxury destination for divers and tech-divers, as well as non-divers. 

This recognition from the World Travel Awards is fantastic, not just for us, but also for our staff, who are extremely proud of Bunaken Oasis.


BTN: Can you tell me a little about the property? What is it that makes it so special?

SEW: Bunaken Oasis is the first truly luxurious resort on Bunaken Island, offering stunning views across to the mainland, a five-star dining experience, a panoramic freshwater swimming, purpose-built spa and unparalleled levels of service. 

Diving in the Bunaken Marine National Park is wonderful. 

The corals, and marine life – especially the turtles – justify the international reputation of this incredible area.

However, at Bunaken Oasis, we are aiming to build on the reputation of the Marine Park even further, offering an exceptional holiday experience for non-divers and divers alike. 

We are the first resort on Bunaken to have a truly modern infrastructure.

For example with water makers and UV water treatment, meaning all the water in the resort is fresh water - including showers and the swimming pool. 

However, beyond the physical design of oasis, it is the staff and their commitment to making every guest feel truly special, that elevates the Bunaken Oasis experience for all of our guests.

BTN: How useful are accolades such as the World Travel Awards in promoting the property to a global hospitality audience?

SEW: The World Travel Awards are universally recognised as a measure of exceptional standards. 

To have won this award for the third year in succession is phenomenal for the team and it will be core to our marketing focus over the next 12 months. 

All of our staff are incredibly proud of working for oasis, and receiving this reward for the third year will be valued be each and every one of them

BTN: How would you describe the mood in Indonesian hospitality as we move into 2021 – have there been signs of a recovery as we look ahead?

SEW: To be honest, internationally, it is all looking a little bleak at the moment. 

However, we must assume that the travel industry will begin to return to normal in the next year or so, and we are working to ensure that we will be ready.

We are all facing challenging times ahead. 

However, we have taken the last few months to ensure that Bunaken Oasis is fit and well to face the coming months. 

We all want the travel industry to recover, however, at oasis, our focus has naturally been on the safety of our guests and staff, and training for the “new normal” is the current primary focus at Bunaken Oasis, implementing special measure where necessary into our standard procedures, prior to our re-opening on December 1st. 

We are extremely fortunate that, as we are an exclusive resort, we have always offered a distanced experience for all of our guests. 

Our cottages, restaurant, bar and, most importantly, the diving or snorkelling experience were all originally designed to offer a spacious and special experience
Bunaken Oasis is ready to welcome guests back to this incredible Marine National Park.

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Bunaken Oasis redefines diving in Indonesia.

Positioned very much at the luxury end of the spectrum, the aim of the hotel is to provide a five-star experience while keeping its ecological footprint to a minimum.

Find out more on the official website.