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Bettors get in: Here are the different types of sports bets that are there

Bettors get in: Here are the different types of sports bets that are there

You’ve been playing for months, staking big money, staking small money, trying different sports, yet on most occasions; you barely managed to reach break-even, let alone turn a profit. Really sorry about that! But have you tried mixing things up? That is, try different types of sports bets. Perhaps you thought the types of bets you play are the only ones out there.

Oh, not exactly!

When it comes to sports betting, there are so many types of bets to stake your money on. You just need to find out about all of them, learn the techniques involved if possible, and choose the ones you’re best at.

That said, here are some of the biggest types of bets in sports betting. Check them out and try whichever appeals to you the most.

Straight bets
The most common type of bet in sports betting is the straight bet. The straight bet is so common because of the simplicity involved. It is also the most common wager placed by sports bettors on betting websites like, especially when they’re betting on Judi bola basket, Judi Bola Sbobet, or perjudian tinju.

This bet is so common because of how easy it is to play. All you have to do is predict who’ll win or lose between a favorite and an underdog. A betting line is set, which is often called the point spread, and you can either bet on the favorite and give-up the points or bet on the underdog and get the points. To win with the former, the favorite has to win the game by more than the set point spread. Otherwise, to win with the latter, the underdog has to win outright or lose by less than the setpoint spread to “cover.” If a tie result emerges, you don’t lose or gain any money.

Total Line bets
Perhaps you’ve been playing the most common type of bet, the straight bet, and you’ve not been winning as much as you’d like, you might want to try the second most popular type of bet instead – the total line bet. Here, all you have to do is bet on the combined final score of both teams staying “under” or “over” a certain set number. If the sport involved is a multiple halves sport like football, basketball, or tennis, you might want to bet on a total line by each half of the game.

Money Line bet
Money line bets are quite similar to straight bets, only that you’d be betting on a team to win outright without any point spread. The risk involved here is that you have to stake high if you’re picking the favorite so that you can win big. Otherwise, you can stake small and go for the underdog if you’re so sure that the underdog can pull an upset. Although you can try the money line bets in almost all major sports, they are best in hockey and baseball. For example, if the Braves are favored at home against the Marlins, the Money line might read Miami (+120) vs. Atlanta (-135). This means that if you wager $100 on the Marlins, you will stand to make $120 if they win, and you’d stand to risk $135 to win $100 on a Braves victory.

Parlay bets
Parlay bets are specially designed for those bettors that wish to win big with small stakes. The act of grouping together two or more picks into one single bet is known as a parlay. A parlay could be as few as two separate picks up all the way up to a particular sportsbook’s set limit (10 - 12 picks). The trick to cashing-in on a parlay bet is that all your picks have to win or the entire parlay is lost. Although parlay can be a high reward type of bet, the high risk involved makes it a bad bet for the fainthearted.

Teaser bets
Much like a parlay, only that you can now tweak the point spreads in your favor in return for a lower overall payout. For instance, if a particular sportsbook is offering a six-point teaser bet, then a 3.5-point underdog would now be getting9.5 points. Although they are less risky than outright parlay, they’re still hard to hit, and the overall payout is quite low too.

Head-to-head bets
If you’re betting on sports like professional Golf or NASCAR, then a very common way to win easily is via the head-to-head bets. In this type of bet, you’d be staking your money between just two competitors. Whichever one finishes the race or the tournament in the higher position wins.