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Best 5 gorilla safaris for you to book in 2021

Best 5 gorilla safaris for you to book in 2021

Are you looking to traveling again or you are still locked within the national boundaries? With several gorilla safari destinations opening up for international travels, you can now resume planning your dream gorilla safari for 2021 or 2022.

On a positive note, Rwanda has opened up its borders and the Volcanoes National Park is now open for gorilla tracking since 1st August 2020. The Democratic Republic of Congo has also opened up its airports and Uganda is seeing some positive signs of opening up for international travel once the Standard Operating Procedures for tour operation are put in practice.

To help you plan easily your next trip to see the gorillas, we have made a collection of some of the best trips that have been booked in the past. For the new adventure seekers, gorilla safaris are some of the must do tourism activities in East Africa. 

The great lakes countries of Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are blessed to be the only countries that host the world’s remnant population of the endangered mountain gorillas. The gorillas are only found in these countries and there is no single gorilla in captivity.

Uganda hosts nearly half of the world’s population in its borders. A large population is protected within the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The remnant half is found in the Virunga Mountains that are still shared by Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tour operators organise affordable gorilla safaris to all destinations anytime of the year. If you want to learn more anything about gorillas or organise any kind of gorilla safari, we are the perfect choice. You can always get in touch with us for any information you may want to know before to decide to book.  There are very many gorilla safaris that you can go for however the best, shortest and most affordable ones include some from Rwanda and Uganda or just combine both countries in one safari.  You can choose any one of the safaris below;

1 Day Rwanda Gorilla Safari
This is the shortest gorilla trekking safari, that starts from Kigali and ending in Kigali Rwanda.  However, the only downside of this trip is that it starts very early in the morning at around 4:30am such that the group can make it in time for the start of the trek. The beauty of this trip is that the gorilla tracking in Rwanda takes 2 to 6 hours and therefore you should be back in the afternoon and the trip should be done in a day making the 1 days Rwanda gorilla safari, perfect for those on business and just have day to spare.

The 3 days gorilla safari and Kigali city tour
The 3 days trip is among the shortest gorilla safaris you can ever go for in Uganda. You can choose to start your trip from either Kampala or Kigali. Of recent most travelers prefer to start their trip from Kigali. This is because driving from Kampala to Bwindi takes longer (a minimum of 8 hours) than driving from Kigali Rwanda to Bwindi (4-6 hours).  On this type of gorilla tour you can make use of the east African tourists visa and keep the price down. The beauty of this gorilla tour is that it is not rushed and allows you to also do some other activities within Bwindi such as the community visits and also nature walks.

3 days Uganda gorilla Fly in Safari
On this tour you can opt to drive or even fly since the drive from Kampala to Bwindi would take you about 8 to 10 hours. If you choose to fly this would save you some hours of the day and allow you to visit the local communities around, including the Batwa people.  Chartered flights and scheduled flights are available from Entebbe airport to two airstrips in Bwindi. These airstrips include Kihihi or Kisoro airstrip depending on which side of Bwindi you will be tracking.

Once you arrive the airstrip, the driver can the, pick you up and transfer you to the hotel. Most hotels are between 30 to 1hour drive away from the airstrip. You can then have the rest of the afternoon, visit the Batwa communities and pygimies.

On the second day, you can then track gorillas and then return to Kampala on the third day.

4 days Uganda gorillas and golden monkeys
This 4 days safari is a magical one since it combines both the gorilla trekking and the golden monkeys watching experience. From your hotel in Uganda or straight from the airport, you will head to Mgahinga national park where you will do the trek from. The drive from Entebbe to Mgahinga national park take almost a whole day drive so you should be at your lodge where you will spend your nights by evening.  You can spend the evening relaxing as you wait for the gorilla tracking adventure the next day.

The next two days are for gorilla tracking and golden monkey trek. And then on the fourth day you will drive or fly back to Kampala. For a detailed itinerary check out this 4 days gorilla and golden monkey trek in Bwindi and Mgahinga national park.

4 days Rwanda gorillas and golden monkeys
Rwanda has a gorilla and golden monkey version of Uganda and the difference here would come in the price of the gorilla trekking, and golden monkey trekking. Gorilla trekking permits in Rwanda cost $ 1500 each and the golden monkey permit cost USD 100. In both cases the permits are more expensive. However, it is one of the shortest trips that you can take on and allows you to see the silverbacks and golden backs in one national park Volcanoes.

Check out this 4 Days Rwanda Gorillas and Golden Monkey Safari for a more detailed itinerary.

All gorilla safaris can be tailor made to fit perfectly into your programme. Talk to your travel agent and have them draft a program for you in any way you want it to run.

You can even take on longer safaris that include gorilla tracking and wildlife safaris.

Also, all accommodation facilities booked in and around the park are agreed on prior to your arrival.
Most operators offer three types of accommodation options that you can choose from. Lodges are categorized as budget, midrange and the luxury or highend lodfing. Depending on your taste, the choice is always yours depending on how much you are willing to spend on the vacation.