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Why Mykonos is the Best place for your Holidays

Why Mykonos is the Best place for your Holidays

Mykonos Island in Greece is arguably one of the best places to visit on holidays.  Mykonos is a popular tourist center that attracts visitors from all continents of the world. You wouldn’t like to miss taking countless pictures as everything on this island is very picturesque.

Are you bothered about where to stay on your arrival to Mykonos? The wonderful news is that there are some great hotels and accommodations you can stay during your visit on vacation to this island. Take a look at this hotel in Mykonos. In this article, you will see some of the reasons why you have to visit this beautiful Greek island on your next travel vacation. 

There are luxurious hotels and some other accommodations available for you to spend your vacation. If you want a serene environment, you can otherwise rent a private villa. Most of these villas have their own pools where you can swim without competing with other tourists for the best pool-side spot on the beaches.

White-Washed Town
The whitewashed houses started some centuries ago to help reflect the heat radiation of the sun from homes. Taking a cruise on a bright afternoon through the white-washed town creates a stunning experience.

Attractive Beaches
There are attractive beaches such as Platys Gialos, Elia, Paradise, and Super Paradise beaches for everyone to enjoy the cool breeze on a hot day. You will definitely enjoy your moment with your family and friends at any of the beaches you have chosen. The waters are shallow for young ones who would like to swim or dip their legs into. If you are a party lover, you will definitely enjoy some of these beaches as parties begin by 4 pm daily with some of the top world’s DJs. During summer, you can get some cool breeze by visiting the beaches.

Favorable weather condition
The weather condition of this island is favourable and attractive. The environment is cool-warm and great even during harsh seasons.

Your tour to Mykonos will be incomplete without exploring the boutiques, markets, fashion and jewelry shops, and other places to get yourself, family, and friends a present. You can also get trinkets, postcards, some hand-made crafts, and souvenirs for a reminder of your holiday.

Appetizing Cuisine
If you would like to have a taste of some local diets, you can enjoy local foods like Pastitsio, Gyros, Moussaka, Kopanisti, Louza, spicy cheese, and some other local cuisine.

Picturesque Environment
The aesthetic look of the environment gives you the opportunity to take beautiful pictures anywhere you are. If you love taking pictures, grab your smartphone, and take pretty good pictures of yourself while taking a cruise around the island.

Perfect for Budget Travelers
Mykonos is a perfect place for you if you would like to manage your funds because it is budget-friendly.  If you wish to spend less it is the best place for you.

Where are the best places to visit in Mykonos?
The sandy beaches, cool atmosphere, ancient architecture, fascinating bars, and clubs are parts of the things that attract tourists to this affluent island.  Are you anxious or wondering where to visit in Mykonos?  There are many places in Mykonos you should visit and never miss on your tour to this island.  You could head on a cruise by visiting the museums and having a taste of some local food. Some of the places you will find interesting to visit in Mykonos are:

·      Island of Delos: You should never miss visiting the Island of Delos which is the birthplace of some Greek Legends such as Artemis and Appolo. In this place, you can explore Dionysius and Cleopatra’s home and the Sacred Harbor which has now turned to a dry lake.  This site is one of the best places for you to visit if you are interested in architecture and more importantly, a fan of the Greek literature.
·      Platys Gialos Beach: This beach is one of the places you could visit with your family. It is a mini-travel center where boats depart frequently for other famous beaches. This beach is surrounded by world-class restaurants and hotels where you can relax and enjoy yourself with your family.
·      Elia Beach: This beach is accessible by boat from Platis Gialos and bus from Mykonos town. This beach is less crowded compared to others. There are quality hotels, bars, and restaurants where you can enjoy yourself with your loved ones here too.
·      Rarity Gallery: This site is widely known for photography, contemporary drawings, and other visual arts. You may decide to attend any of the five solo exhibitions that are rotated every year in this area.
·      Kato Mili: is a historic windmill constructed around the 16th century by the Venetians around the Cynthus Mountains.  As a tourist, you need to visit this site to learn how the power of the winds is harnessed by the Venetians and also to view the picturesque ocean.
·      Matoyianni Street: Your vacation can never be complete without you visiting the famous Matoyianni Street. You can set out to shop for accessories, jewellery, sandals, and other various items.
·      Little Venice Mykonos Quarter: This site is arguably one of the best places you can visit in Mykonos. It is located near the Alexandra beach on the western side of Chora.

Other important places you can visit in Mykonos are Ano Mera and Panagia Paraportiani.

Mykonos is the best place for your holiday because of its beautiful scenery, warm-cool atmosphere all year round, attractive beaches, white-washed town, and the epic party season in summer. You will definitely find this island exciting to visit.